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"Look Mack, political power, it comes from the end of a gun"

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@pisscotheque my fiancé hates Mr. Blobby so fucking much bc they grew up in the UK and i only discovered the mad lad about 2 years ago and i love this horrifying pink sin against man and G•d.

moving a big slider taht says "Racism" on it and constantly looking back at the audience for approval like a contestant on the price is right

Mr Blobby 

I had to draw what Mr Blobby would look like if he was in Midsommar and I'm not even sorry

Nothing good can come of someone sitting down with a sketchpad, pencil, and a Google image search result for Mr Bobby on their phone...

Are there any unions out there specific to tech jobs? My last one was specifically for the arts, so I need to find a new one!

I know I could just google it but recommendations are always better 🙂

Boosts are ok! +

to the tune of sk8r boi
She said "I've got Lyme Disease,"
You get it from ticks & fleas,
Joint pain & weakness can occur.
Now she's got lethargy,
It's from B. burgdorferi,
Bug bites are its disease vector.

alc adj 

it took me an embarrassingly long time to realize why "soft drinks" are called that

lmfao there's a poll going round about who should be next monarch in the uk

do they... do they not know how the whole monarchy thing works

fondly remembering the time a white woman caused a fuss at work because i told her she was "flat ass'd wrong" and accused me of being anti white racist and saying flat ass was the same as a slur 😌

i think what i really want is to look at the dolls' house furniture, to touch it to my face, and to imagine for a moment that i am a victorian dormouse in a pinafore who has trespassed into a child's nursery. unfortunately according to the rules of freecycle if you want to do these things you also have to take the dolls' house furniture away

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god help me i have just enquired after two full carrier bags of dolls' house furniture on freecycle

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