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Please, I am begging you, just an hour of REM sleep, as a treat?

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Me: stops taking sedatives to help with sleep
My brain: it's half 1 in the morning and a disturbed hour of sleep was entirely sufficient for the night

got in a road traffic accident and got dicklash on my large dick from the violent force of my dick whipping around. now i have to wear a little neck brace on my dick when i go to work. thanks to everyone who signed the get well soon card

i have finally decided where i am moving to, mew! :blobcat3c:

i am moving to it feels like a good new cyber spot for a computer kitten like me.

my new account is @netkitty ! please go follow me there :netkitty_w:

Apparently wizard book billionaire transphobe lady said on twitter she's against antifa. Thus, a fa. Quelle surprise.

My new years resolution of only saying "this is my second or subsequent rodeo" instead of "this isn't my first rodeo" failed at the first opportunity when I realised most people aren't extremely online.

to honor the queens death, we should kill england

trans action block is organising a demo at the transphobic lgb alliance's conference on Friday 21st October (weekday on the graphic is wrong) 8am-10pm at the queen Elizabeth ii centre in Westminster in case anyone is interested


When I was in my early 20s, my boyfriend at the time suddenly became schizophrenic, as happens at that age. This sounds a lot like his first episodes. So sad.

Article: 22-year-old who police said committed 'no crime' was shot and killed by officers responding to his call for help: 'I'm not dangerous'

For someone the royalists paint as an incredible and absolutely unquestionably essential tourist attraction, they're doing a pretty shit job of it aren't they? No extortionate ticket prices to raise funds for "The Economy", no rollercoaster, you don't even get to see the theme park's mascot on display any more, just the packaging and gift wrap (that you can't even buy, I might add!). It's a 1 star on Trip Advisor from me I'm afraid. 1 star because we all know Us British love a good queue heheheh

@checkervest alex there's two completely different kind of things that are called tubers and potatoes and sweet potatoes are on separate sides of this divide. potatoes are a modified stem and sweet potatoes are a modified root

still watching ATC videos and this one guy just called Toronto airport on a walkie talkie from a town 200km away

ATC: "where are you?"

caller: "wiarton."

ATC: "so i'm guessing you're not in a plane?"

caller: "no. in my bathtub, actually"

ATC: "roger that."

caller: "so thanks for the response"

ATC: "not a problem."

implied gun violence 

@floppyplopper he's ok; said it "reminded him of home" (jerusalem)

pro-monarchy police, implied gun violence 

photos from a comrade in edinburgh, where police are arresting and pointing snipers at the public who have anti-monarchist signs (or in this case, anti-police tote bags)

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