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By my estimate we have spent 20 hours in the last few days at A&E with my partners kidney infection. In that time, we've had, at most 15 minutes of time in front of a doctor. I've had to miss a day of work already and tomorrow is not looking likely.

I do love our NHS, but it is far from perfect. I'm begging the UK population to vote for people who will actually return to funding it properly.


Isochrones 😍 ! This map shows you how far a 5h train ride will take you, departing from any city in Europe.

Inspired by Direkt Bahn Guru by


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lossless compression is when you remove references to the CTRL+ALT+DEL comic during file compression to save space

So I finally built my new desktop this weekend but I know the fedi doesn't care about that so I'm here to share the news that my mom adopted two new kittens. Sisters named Judy and Betty.

Women's football is better than men's because when the women's team won I didn't fear for my safety and was happy to go to another pub and have another drink in a town where it'd just been pride and I either look like a woman or some kind of queer.

That genuinely wouldn't be the case if it'd been men's football.

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@lapis @Taweret pig chef mascots for BBQ restaurants always give me a horrible feeling because of their collaborator status. While looking for a suitably horrifying one I found this (basically all of the image results for "BBQ pig mascot" are horrifying if you want more)

One use of CWs I really like on here is a summary of the main point followed by content warnings, so that opinions confronting dominant systems are exposed and not politely hidden away (for instance, "fuck the police, ACAB"), while warnings are added for content that is upsetting/triggering to vulnerable people ("police brutality, antiblackness, anti-indigenous violence") so that the people affected can filter or otherwise engage with consent. The post is also boost-friendlier this way.


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hey just a reminder that it's ok to cry

it's ok to fucking bawl your eyes out over shit if you feel like you can't express your emotion otherwise

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