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hey @lapis : check out this thread!

(I need to sort out some hosting and it'll probably be flaky as heck, but thanks for the inspiration!)

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Plushy, eye contact 

Blu is finally getting their spin bath. They're nervous about it, but they're putting on a brave face.

So uh, this morning took an interesting turn. This little miss flew into a window and decided to use my head as a perch for a bit while recovering [cn eye contact/selfie video]

If you ever see something like this and you're in the UK, remember to report it to the UK fireball association!

If they get a few reports they look into it and see if they are able to recover the object. They managed it for one not far from me last year.

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So last night I saw the most amazing fireball in the sky. It was white, and maybe the brightest I've seen. The trail behind it covered the length of the sky that was visible to me, even if it was brief.

Last year I spent ages during times of high meteor activity watching the sky and nothing. I stepped outside, looked up thinking 'ooh it's nice and clear tonight' and WOOSH.

Fun little fact: Every single drive on this planet can and will fail one day. Be sure to have backups of your data

watching the owl house is disorienting because the gay characters call each other "girlfriend" and "my girlfriend" and i'm not used to them just saying it. i expect more subtext

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Ever wanted a reliable way to get around paywalls?

1. Install Firefox
2. Install Bypass Paywalls Clean

one is singing "bring me sunshine" and the other is meowing. its kind of like a postfurry morecambe and wise

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genuinely just overheard this exchange between two scaffolders working outside:

"in america, it's true, i'm telling you. if your kid goes into school, and theyre like this. 'meow! meow!' the teacher's not allowed to tell them off. if they say they're a cat, or a monkey, or whatever, they can't tell them off, they're just allowed to sit there all day going 'meow! meow! meow! meow!' all day. that's actually true. that's legitimately what's going on in america these days. i was reading about it"

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