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you can't convince me that VC is anything but incompetent randos who got incredibly lucky with investments or are independently wealthy playing the startup lottery and just happening to have enough money to make up for their 99% failure rate.



Speedrunners be like "yeah this is the shitfart skip, it was discovered by one of our best runners shitfart69, who recently became a father so pogs in the chat for shitfart69"

ukpol coronavirus 

flipping wild how the uk response to coronavirus changed overnight simply because they switched in a new health secretary with different ideas about how to run things. a system based on rando dudes' egos. (none of these guys has any particular expertise in anything outside investment banking)

So, let me re-phrase:

Government-run study, involving shortening the work week for government employees proves that productivity can be *gained* by shortening the work week.

Does business jump on that insight and clear opportunity to gain productivity *for free*, thus edging a competitive advantage on the market?

No. This happens only after unions get involved.

"Capitalism efficiently allocates resources" my arse.

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it's tough being this gorgeous, my simps are loudly singing my praises at all hours of the night and keep sticking me with the bill for the noise complaint fines

One of the underappreciated qualities of the state of modern photography is that everyone just looks at photos on tiny phone screens so the resolution of photos can be absolute trash so long as the colors work and everything and no one cares.

Its hilarious that this is happening as camera companies keep desperately trying to pump out higher megapixel cameras than each other as if anyone but extremely niche users cared.

selfies, ec, jellyfish dress, it's my birthday can i have some boosts? 

this dress is so good ≈≈≈:)

Does anyone here do monochrome commissions, approximately 32x32 in size? I have some ideas for my perler art but I'm no good at making this kind of thing. I've attached an example of the kind of thing I'm looking for.

Boosts welcome!

Those who forget the past are doomed to keep arguing on social media

Co-worker said "The more I learn about networking the angrier I get at every piece of technology around me." That's so fucking true it isn't funny.

"I see. And you call it "The British Museum", despite the fact that it's contents are obviously not British."

Harvard study looks at 7300+ #blacklivesmatter protests in all 50 U.S. states; finds 95% of them had 0 arrests; 96.3% had 0 property damage; & 97.7% had 0 reported injuries to anyone.
"When there was violence, very often police or counterprotesters were reportedly directing it at the protesters." E.G. the 104 vehicle attacks against #blm protestors over the last several months.

"Toronto readies to launch non-police crisis response pilot

$11M project will involve community-based nurses, harm-reduction workers and others trained in de-escalation"

s0ne 0f y0u have never run a vacuun cleaner 0ver y0ur heyb0ard and accidentally l0st several heys ub the h0se; and it sh0ws.

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