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everywhere online, people are lauding the "illustrious writing career" of this "joyce carol oats", as if that's not clearly the name of a horse who did not even do us the courtesy of publishing under a pseudonym

The gull had a huge portion of it and then left it on the ground, and the guy's just looking at it forlornly while a pigeon picks at the leftovers

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Just saw a guy turn to catcall a girl and the second his eyes were off his pasty a seagull swooped by and took it 😌

blue MAGA rides again, racism, rape mention 

So all in the same roughly 36 hour period, VP Harris went to Guatemala and told people not to come to the US, the SCOTUS ruled unanimously against immigrants seeking green cards, and Biden's DOJ will continue its prosecution against Trump's rape accuser. Oh and also, the DHS used prop wash from a helicopter to chase away Water Protectors protesting a fossil fuel line.

Begpost, had our benefits stripped 

If you could spare some coin, we really need to eat n pay bills, and we've been stripped of our income entirely until we get it reinstated or I manage to get on PIP (disability) or something OR

Kim Petras instrumental only album when?

Don't get me wrong, her vocal work is also incredible, I just really really want to see more of her instrumental after the absolute bops in Turn Off The Light (Purgatory, <demons>)

Blue Origin going to space on July 20th? You know what that means!

I see the bitcoin people are continuing to be very normal and good

[I asked the original poster about the tone for this slide, they have not responded]

when ur daughter is running a ponzi scheme and you go to reddit asking how to best save face with the church, god bless america

why are all english people called shit like this

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