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yoda: take out the mincey geezer, you must

obi wan (played by Jason statham): i ain't gonna do that guv

yoda: taking the fucking mickey, are you?

jason wan: beg you pardon?

yoda: feisty little cunt, aren't ya?

obi statham: i ain't 'ere to suck your little green dick old man. now cut the mustard, cause im not havin my bangers and mash dry

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guy ritchie can make little a star wars film

a thing that i see on profiles that brings me out in hives is some iteration of 'im a cis man... sorry about this -_-' or 'im white... unfortunately'. its always cringe.

uspol, concentration camps 

Joe Biden has been in office for 100 days. There are still children in concentration camps at the Mexico-US border.

poverty is an intentional political policy

politicians weigh how many people must be coerced into cheap labor for their system to work

just fyi

scottish tories nazi dogwhistling, anti-GRT racism 

the scottish tories put out a 1488 on their twitter, a week before the general election here. important to note that their current leader, douglas ross, got his start trying to initiate pogroms against GRT people in his constituency

UK pol and land 

"Today, half of England's land belongs to just 1% of the population."

scottish tories nazi dogwhistling 

boosting this because this is not an exaggeration, the official Scottish Conservatives twitter account slipped a "1488" as a made-up statistic into one of their tweets. this isn't getting any coverage in the scottish or british press. at the very least, they've got some snivelling alt-right little shit on their social media team. the scottish election (for our devolved scottish parliament) is next week:

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Me: Saturday is finally here, I'm taking this time just for me, I wonder what's on youtube
Youtube: Uh, wanna see some old french guy talk about covid disaster?

Me: Wow I have so much work today, let me put on some music
Youtube: OMG OMG all of your favorite channels just uploaded a video!!!!

If you've never had Spotify Premium before, this link will give you two months free. Cancel it immediately and you should still get the two months without needing to remember to cancel it later.

right wing gender role shit 

When you're being a tryhard for traditional gender roles, but they have so little bearing on your actual life that you have no idea what the fuck you're doing

To whoever originally recommended Factorio to me: Why would you do this to someone’s free time?

Godzilla and Kong buddy cop film. Kong is a by the rules straight edge cop who gets partnered with a street smart rough around the edges giant fire breathing reptile. Can this odd couple find the terrorist threatening the city without driving each other crazy first?

Paul Atreides stood atop the rock, blue eyes cast down upon the arid desert of Arrakis. I stood alongside, his trusted lieutenant, my eyes open for danger. I leaned in softly, a quiet sound made to bring his attention to me.

"Paul. Hey. Hey Paul. Guess what I'm doing in my stillsuit /right now/."

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