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Happy !

For those in , @qwends has started a social group for and people

DM them for the discord details

Cat update, Brief mention of animal death (he's fine) 

Got a knock on the door earlier today. It was a neighbour we've never spoken to before, asking if we own a black and white cat. Immediately I feared the worst, that Loki had been run over or something. But no, she just wanted to make sure we were aware he has a cut on his head. Turns out, every day when we let him out, he goes straight to her house and starts yelling outside her window! I'm not even remotely surprised...

Today is the first #InternationalAsexualityDay and our mascot want's to spread the word and support all asexual people! :asexual_flag:

Absolutely normal for it to be snowing a day before my birthday...

Neighbor kids' dad has a shirt that says "too poor to shop local." That's a mood

Amazon making blatantly fake Twitter ahead of the union vote to discourage workers from unionizing


A little while ago, @brion asked if anyone had ever made a Biblically-Correct Angel Food Cake.

I couldn't find any, but having watched several seasons of Great British Bake-Off during the pandemic I felt that I, too, could do ridiculous things with cake.

Happy Easter!

What I fucking love about Fury Road besides how it's basically a best-hits of every thoroughly aesthetically enjoyable thing about both New Vegas and 40K Chaos is that it has no trouble at all blurring the lines between what are de facto mythological elements and the reality of these characters' lives. Given that it was originally intended to be in black and white and the idea was that even color itself had been basically destroyed, the film plays a lot with the concept of where material ends; its characters are all yoked to its demands, but the rest of the world around them that is so very material seems keen on revolting against realism.

Me: time for a nap :)
Every single person in my contacts across every piece of social media in unison: it is time to talk to Julles

Magic 8-ball, should I switch email clients? *shakes*

*reads* outlook not so good

oh MAN am I gonna sleep well tonight**

**be incredibly tired all day but still not go to sleep on time

awful, lewd, geopolitics 

the 1988 Black Sea bumping incident is what i call it when my eastern european daddy dom comes over

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