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Me, absolutely twisted, coming home with a load of swords / me waking up the next day with a back full of swords

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I was makng toast... and well uh the only way to put this is the toaster exploded

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It's a bad day to be a fash, uspol, Parler hack review 

Ye hecking GODS Parler devs were incompetent.

Parler used Twilio for verification of user contact info including e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Twilio cut service with Parler like many other services did. When they did, Parler's user and token validation workflow FAILED OPEN.

This included the password reset workflow, which allowed the attacker to gain admin access.

This is what happens when a bunch of privileged fuckers who never had to protect themselves from a dangerous foe in their entire life create a data warehouse for treasonous insurrectionist behavior.
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All of Parler's User Data Is Being Hacked 

Apparently, the way Parler was designed for its "lost password" flow was that once their authentication provider failed to actually handle the "click this link in this email to reset your password", Parler displays the "reset page" anyway, so users just used it on administrator accounts, then created tons of fake administrator accounts, & then used those account privileges to scrape all user data. Also "deletion" was just a bit-flip and posts werent actually deleted

Cat, eye contact from cat 

When Loki finds and kills God

(the little stick next to him is catnip, which he was chewing on)

He was like this for about 3 minutes

censoring the world's largest and most popular repository of scholarly research is as or more unconscionable as anything else that happened today

(and to think we nearly missed this among everything else!)

[two spider mans pointing at each other meme] [picture of a cop and nazi protestor in the street] it’s the same picture


but seriously, I’m feeling extra special vindicated on having an absolutely-zero-nazis policy on our instance. I’ve been criticized for going too far by not federating with instances who choose to federate with gab, but guess what.

de-platforming fascists is good and it works.

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me, crying: you dont love me, you love the idea of me. you love the feeling of lying in bed with someone, you love that someone cares about you and takes care of you. you dont love me, you're just used to me being the person who is those things for you

my cat:

*notices ur means of production* ☭w☭ wats dis

The last widow of a US civil war veteran died this week

"The past isn't dead. It isn't even past" - Faulkner

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