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concept: that voice you use for talking to animals is actually your real voice and the voice you use for talking to people for business meetings is a fake voice invented to help pretend capitalism makes any sense

If I could be arsed and focus ever you better believe that I could achieve incredible things*

*(ripping the original crash bandicoot font and begging pissco at their doorstep to add it to gfws)

This is a reaction image found on the net that is too good to Not share

Woken up by my partner full on screaming for about 3 seconds is not how I wanted my early night to go... (they're fine, just a nightmare)

When LMFAO corners you against the wall of Andrew WK's house, you're between Party Rock and a Party Hard place

one highly unfortunate aspect of the limitations of online communication is, you can’t get a read on the mental/emotional state of the people you interact with except by incidental cues. and you never really see the entirety of another person’s online experience

in an in-person setting, if you saw someone surrounded by people hollering at them and getting in their personal space, and the person was having an anxiety attack, most would have the good sense to back off and let the person breathe

Just imagining if the world we lived in was one where explicit communication, boundaries and consent were standard concepts that children were exposed to at a young age and raised to understand.

How might the world be different if we all learned early on that our own needs have value and we can ask for them to be met? That we can set boundaries based on them? That we have agency over our actions and do not owe anyone a presence in their lives? That learning how to hear “yes” and “no” are important skills?

What would our teen years look like? Our 20’s?

What different decisions might we make?

This is why we need time travel. I want a “New Game+” option.

25 years ago, if you'd told me i'd be this successful, my dad would say to you 'why are you talking to my big wrinkly nut sack'

Turns out old VHS players aren't to be trusted and double up as fog machines and pyrotechnics when they fancy a little party, who knew

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Had to use the fire extinguisher in my office for the first time today which is the opposite of Friday Feels

they're shit, they've always been shit, and they will continue to be absolutely shit. there's no saving their dead movement that goes around in circles, flaunts mass arrest counts as a triumph, and can't stop 70-80% of their followers shouting eco fascist takes about population while they themselves live a mass consumption middle class lifestyle

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anyone else really uncomfortable with Nintendo's move towards fairly major releases (Super Mario 3D All-Stars) becoming time limited?

I feel like this is more weaponising of FOMO nevermind encouraging people into debt if they want to buy it before it stops being sold, potentially forever

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