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So y’all were just gonna let me find out about the USPS big-tiddy Bugs Bunny stamp on my own

The non-zero number of white punks in the early 2000s who were surprised when the This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb sticker on their fixie was taken seriously by law enforcement

If US made their healthcare and education affordable no one would join their military

Random white guy: and then they said science is racist, can you believe kids these days?

Me: science as a whole is racist. Medicine in particular. Here's some receipts.

Guy: and how the fuck would you know, you're not a scientist

Me, feeling my Angry Goblin powers activate as I sit in the literal fucking fab: ACTUALLY...

It's wild how the CIA and DoD openly subsidize Hollywood films, especially action films (and Marvel films in particular these days), with the caveat that they can interfere and request edits, script changes, and so forth.

Like it's an open secret that the military industrial complex churns out constant propaganda and censorship, and the mainstream media acts like this doesn't happen and doesn't foster the development reactionary mindsets in the populace.

Harpers publishing an open letter against 'cancel culture' in the same summer journalists are getting maimed and arrested at protests, and secret police are kidnapping activists in major cities across America.

really makes u think

It will never cease to be hilarious to me that finance sites regularly refer to the Bank of America as BofA

@jberi As white people, we are inherently racist. What we can do, is acknowledge that and inform ourselves. One thing I've learned, is to not make it about yourself. Don't bring the "I'm so angry and worried" since that just makes it about you when in fact it's about #PoC. Rather, show them your affection by following and boosting their content, giving them the voice they deserve.

Of course, I'm just another white person, so better see for yourself, e.g. #whitefragility and #whiteprivilege

I'm self-employed, but I have high compliance standards. So I self-produce corporate training videos and make myself sign a form to prove that I've watched them... As per my contract.

Hundreds of historians call for a review of the Home Office citizenship test, as the official handbook "is fundamentally misleading and in places demonstrably false." (cc @michaelgove)

'curious you should call them 'titans of industry'. when the titans are best known for having been overthrown', i remark to the nervous boss as the ladx raise a guillotine below his window

Only took 50 minutes to be told that yes, you'll get your vouchers in an email and no we don't know when

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Been on hold with Aerlingus for 40 minutes now waiting to see what on earth happened with the vouchers I had to apply for back in March...

Baizuo is just a painfully accurate term for the western so called left. Its just decades worth of infighting over pointless symbolic fights. You can gay marry now so you can starve to death together. Now women can work to death for minimum wage like us too. Open borders so people can immigrate and companies can get away with paying their workers even less for labor. No lives improve materially, only symbolic victories that don't put food in your stomach.

They are so focused on a ton of minor, purposefully decisive issues, that they completely ignore the biggest one - the material life quality of the people, that would solve all other issues if achieved.

Leftists are playing whack a mole, too distracted by the many targets to notice the big one that would end the game.

Lol so transphobes started up their comments and put my legal name Nathaniel in quotes. I think they thought I was a trans guy and assigned female at birth which is ironically validating as fuck even though on accident because they got confused being most trans people don’t use their legal name on Facebook unless they got it legally changed first 😂 :trans_flag: :catgirl:

fun to think about how with his $13 billion net worth increase two days ago, jeff bezos earned more in one day than 7,799,686,900 people have earned in their entire lives

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