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Anyone talkibg about unskilled workers should be made to work those jobs for however long it takes to shut the fuck up

I'm sure the scientists also told them to end temporary housing of the homeless too right? and the scientists told them to completely fail at providing frontline staff with PPE so they die. oh, and I am *sure* the scientists also told them that opening London back up so employers can force their staff to go back to work too

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Tories a month ago: we're lead by the science

Tories now: well obviously the reason our policy was fucked up was the scientists fault, not ours

dead animal mention 

So the cat behaviourist said one of the most important things we need to do is let Loki go outside again. We decided today would be the day.

I open the back door.

And right by the step.

Is a dead pigeon.

I checked the dictionary and yep, that's the description they used for "auspicuous" too.



"Wow! Essential workers should be rewarded for their valiant efforts! 😃"

"Like with pay? 😃"

"No! 😃"

Theres a series of hand painted signs around the lawn of my local town center that has all this shit like "essential workers are heroes"

Honey the people trapped in the starbucks are hostages to capitalism and literally can't afford not to be there shut the fuck up

So, last year I graduated from uni with a degree in philosophy. To celebrate, I put together this meme to sum up what I've learned.

Just learned about the lost continent of Doggerland and now I have something to hope for regarding the Florida problem

modern agriculture: everyday I pour 10 trillion gallons of water all over my shitty almond trees I grow in the fucking desert. everyone around me’s wells are dry, but I am wet & choked by algae
me: let’s not do this
modern agriculture: arrest this nerd and give me a tax subsidy

so doordash does predatory pricing and opens accounts for restaurants that haven't asked for anything, reselling the food for less than they pay for it (reasoning being that right now they just burn investors' money, and when they're the only ones on the market they'll raise the prices).

A person on HN has exploited that to get free meals to homeless people and make a little money off doordash

guess what HN has to say about it

bad news for programmers... the 3 billion devices that run java have unionized

hey movie makers...

please stop pairing unnecessarily loud audio for intense action scenes with unnecessarily quiet dialogue. let me just set my volume at one level and leave it.

i can't see this as anything but a cis person expressing indignance about this rad as hell transbian existing in public

[BOT POST] subtooting an entire ideology 

communists hate free markets so much and i love it

Google memories (11/x) 

after that I was marked as a problem employee, and my boss put me on performance review. one of his criticisms was that my intranet profile was too personal. it said I was bisexual and poli. that was it. that's the "too personal".

Google was so progressive! they loved my dyed hair for PR photos. and hey we had the Gayglers and all.

(the only thing I got from being in Gayglers was a creepy call from ads wanting to mine me for keywords for the Brazilian LGBT community.)

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The highest mountain on Earth is known as Sagarmatha (सगरमाथा) in Nepali, meaning “goddess of the sky” and Qomolangma (ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ) in Tibetan, meaning “holy mother”. The name “Everest” wasn’t given until 1865. Even the guy it was named after objected, and wanted them to keep a local name for it. Sadly, they did not.

The true names of places in the world always sound much nicer than the colonial names to me.

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