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wrapping my dick and balls in velcro so that if they swing too errantly i can simply catch them using one of these

look at this absolute angel. she loves laying on my lap or as close to me as possible but she doesn’t like a lot of other ppl they scare her. she had lots of bad experience with humans before i liberated her from my family

this concept destroyed my world makes sense that this keeps happening

@xmakina the amazing thing is I looked it up in the OED before I tooted, and they only list the sandwich and a historical Indian

@xmakina I just need to know if that amiga game really came with a free sandwich

@xmakina Literally had this design on a t-shirt i won as a kid for writing why i loved the hero turtles in 30 words or less.

David: *plays a secret chord*
The Lord: “Damn son where’d you find this?”

*furiously punching numbers into a 10-key calculator* 🧮😥

OH NO! i've just mathematically proven that it is in fact definitely All Men. every single one of them. i've triple checked the numbers and it all adds up!

*slowly raising a lighter to the calculator's paper printout* 🔥📃

no one can ever know this terrible secret they all kinda already know. . .
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