the neighbors are a hoot :)

(yes they just used an old meme, but still funny)

One vampire!

Two! Two vampires!
* bite*

Three! Three vampires! Ah ha ha ha! (Lightning)

you think the Count on sesame street ever turned any of the other muppets into vampires?

Brynn has wares if you have coin! I have stickers, scrunchies, pin cushions, art prints, collars and plushies ` #BrynnSews

kovarex, factorio, statutory rape discussion 

the comment in the main thread was removed by a mod, you can still see it on

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kovarex, factorio, statutory rape discussion 

So I'm not going to be recommending anyone buys factorio until Kovarex is removed from the company. is the new one but this also happened:

Since this did such numbers on birdsite:

Five or so years ago I was working on the BBC's developer portal at and I was asked to replace the terrible fake code on the laptop screen in the stock photo. As an easter egg, if you click on the laptop screen then you can change it too.

@seafrog it's 50% challenge... 50% threat... 50% declaration of intent... and 100% reason to remember the name

sick of the fake friends and haters saying we don't have a boat and don't love to go boating. get a life, you just wish were us!!!!

I swear they won’t be happy until the Clearances are resumed and we’re all gone so they can have their wee nature safaris up here

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English environmentalists really need to shut up about ‘rewilding’ Scotland

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