Survey time!

Have your voice heard by those making housing decisions in Leeds and West Yorkshire. Project Freedom are developing a multigenerational LGBTQ+ social housing project in #Leeds 🇬🇧

They have launched an easy 20-minute survey designed for LGBTQ+ communities. Your opinion is crucial.

This multigenerational housing project will accommodate a range of LGBTQ+ housing needs.

You don't have to live in Leeds to take part but please be LGBTQ+! 😊 :boost_ok:

😔 job hunting websites
😍 notice boards in the village square offering 150 gold pieces to the first adventurer who deals with the local monster

Oldies playing on a builder's radio and they're angle grinding outside your window at 8am (ASMR)

@brion I had to learn Scala at a new job a few years back and yeah, functional programming isn't hard in isolation, but it needs an entirely different mindset and approach. The difficulty is in unlearning all the stuff you learnt learning every other style of programming

Conservatives most of the time: Dr Suess was an ecoterrorist liberal antifa scumbag whose crappy books indoctrinate children to hate the oil industry
Conservatives when Dr Suess' racist books cease to be published: Ted Geisel was an American treasure who is the latest posthumous victim of cancel culture. At this time we would like to recognize him with the fox news medal of honor as a hero of so many of our childhoods.

Miss Piggy:
- very clear about her wants and needs
- asks a lot but willing to give just as much
- is herself at all times

- seems eager to leave the relationship but never talks to his partner about it
- weasels out of spending time with her
- is obsessed with work

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One of our core beliefs on my podcast is: Kermit is the real problem in the relationship, not Miss Piggy

@CornishRepublicanArmy there are definitely a few ad hoc endeavours but Oxford has an actual shelter close to the centre with a decent kitchen, that's what I couldn't find here

I miss volunteering. there's such a nice social atmosphere in those kinds of things, everybody there really does care about the people they help and the idea of helping people. I miss that vibe, it really gives you energy to get through the slog of the week

Which streaming platforms do you use to consume movies and television shows?

Boosts are highly appreciated.

#consumesthis #poll #polls #askfedi #television #tv #movies

@CornishRepublicanArmy Gosh I miss volunteering at the shelter in Oxford, there's nothing like that in Manchester that I could find

i'm a reformed slur sayer, i say, seeing my audience is impressed, i take it a step further, in fact i do the bare minimum against racism

'monads' is an anagram for 'nomads', indicating their desire to ally with genghis khan and his unstoppable steppe army to destroy all other instances. can't believe some of you still federate with them...

Feeling weirdly nostalgic about the way-too-much-HDR photography of about ten years ago

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