Reminder that this is what my laptop looks like and every time I'm in a meeting I force some middle aged business manguy to look at it for hours.

@2015_05_09 the power test is how long it takes someone to work out what "dism opp sy" is

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Bring back console backwards compatibility

@carlesjove mocks. You shouldn't be testing an external API, even if the test failed there wouldn't be anything you could do to fix it. Mocks are the way to handle this in your own code.

only white men believe in that whole "dead men tell no tales" bullshit bc dead men never shut the fuck up. its 2020 and i still gotta hear about marx and lenin as if i give a shit. pagliacci ass bitches dont shut up in life OR death

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I'm not controversial at all. I just speak very plainly about the behavior of white identified people and how they constantly reinforce their own biases in spite of the open mindedness they claim.

I'm just very honest about what I see on the fedi concerning how whiteness is constantly on guard against threats against it self and it's regular attempts to affirm itself through antagonizing Black/Brown folks.

I'm viewed as 'combative' and 'angry' b/c of my clarity.

And that's just racism.

distractionware » VVVVVV’s source code is now public, 10 year anniversary jam happening now!

*future ex-girlfriend voice* “at least he’s honest!”

7 people came to my board game night today! That's the most I've ever had, and 3 of them hadn't seen each other in years and chose it for their little reunion which was just ♥

So glad that's how I'm finishing my night because I've been up since 5am and been to Oxford and back today so I'm bloody knackered.

@snakeboy so it was, just went to check when it was released and yeah, right there on Wikipedia because it was right as the Iraq war started

@snakeboy I'm still baffled what sequence of events lead to "let's start a w*r, start a nuclear w*r" in Electric Six's Gay Bar

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