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the comment in the main thread was removed by a mod, you can still see it on reddit.com/user/kovarex/

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I went for a walk along the Ashton Canal in and made a few videos as well as took some photos of the (many) locks

A flock of geese on the Ashton Canal

And the ducklings came over to say hello

I see the bitcoin people are continuing to be very normal and good

[I asked the original poster about the tone for this slide, they have not responded]

eye contact from cat 

loki has wares and is keeping a detailed inventory of sales

Would anyone like an Ursula? I can put magnets on her to make her a fridge magnet

to a good home, just cover shipping (from the UK, looks like large envelope?)

So I spent some of my annual bonus on committing to my Hama Bead hobby

normal view
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Surprise the banana bread has chocolate chips melted into it!

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Extremely pleased with how the banana chocolate birthday cake and party fritters turned out yesterday

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