Holy shit you need to go see what Bristol went and did.

Tore down a statue of a 17th century slave trader, rolled it to the river, and threw it the fuck in.


This photo is a decade defining image.

My partner came up with this absolutely hilarious riff I just needed to share with y'all

it's 2 years old but this is still one of my favourite photos of pandora

My partner's current lockdown art

(This is doubly impressive when you know their right (dominant) hand is mostly out of action due to problems that they can't have fixed until they can get minor surgery)

she ra season 5 spoilers 

there is no heterosexual explanation for this

The Spectre of Capitalism. Once again, the Tories have put profit ahead of human lives. How many more will die because their precious billionaire donors have lost a little money? No return to work until it's SAFE

(Pretty Rad Art is an art page created by my non-binary partner for their more overtly political art work)

"'He was more than a hero. He was a union man' - Chief O'Brien - Star Trek Deep Space Nine. I watched this episode last night and was struck by how relevant this quote was to the current situation here. The government and media are calling key workers 'heroes' so that it will look like they sacrificed their lives willingly, and so they don't have to pay hazard pay or provide PPE. None of the key workers signed up for this. But I sure hope they all signed up to a union!"


Who's got the two thumbs and a huge suit of power armour? This fucking guy

Selfie, eye contact, cat, uncaptioned 

Feel free to talk to me and my son as much as you like

Shout out to these two who understand the importance of social distancing

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