People are correctly pointing out that a contestant on their latest show is a Nazi with 88 and has other literal Nazi tattoos on his actual fucking face

Gamera is really neat,
He is filled with turtle mean,
We all love you,

(also a side-by-side of the current episode quality and the DVD quality)

we've had this goofball over a year and he never touched the old tree (which is reasonable, it was wobbly as heck) so I'm very glad to see him enjoying the new "Cat Citadel" we got for him and our other two cats

Yay! I've wanted this for ages and finally managed to get it


It's my girlfriends birthday tomorrow so I made her a gluten+lactose free chocolate victoria sponge surprise!

(The surprise is mochi balls baked into the cake)

So ITV sport in 1994 just feels like the greatest of shitposts

Holy shit you need to go see what Bristol went and did.

Tore down a statue of a 17th century slave trader, rolled it to the river, and threw it the fuck in.

This photo is a decade defining image.

My partner came up with this absolutely hilarious riff I just needed to share with y'all

it's 2 years old but this is still one of my favourite photos of pandora

My partner's current lockdown art

(This is doubly impressive when you know their right (dominant) hand is mostly out of action due to problems that they can't have fixed until they can get minor surgery)

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