Yeah it'll be nice to play some board games with the group but oh my word this is the best thing about today

Millenials have killed Keith

"In 2020, just five babies were called Keith"

Dall-e mini image 

So what I'm learning is that it's okay, Dall-e can't do hands very well either...

I think this is about 4 hours of work so far, it's coming together nicely!

When the kids table is being a bit much so you sit on your dad's lap for a bit and don't understand a word anyone is talking about

Staying with a friend in Sheffield, went out for a morning walk and my goodness it's pretty around here

selfies, eye contact, no captions 

some actually good photos of me that I don't entirely hate

Food, coffee 

It is far too hot so I made a fancy iced coffee

I made a thing! It's a phone holder for your desk, it has a small hole in the bottom for your charging cable.It can comfortably hold an Pixel XL.

Asking for £15 but happy to take less, just cover postage, a couple of quid max (to the UK, bit more to go internationally)

I made a thing! Well, a prototype for a thing. It's a cool arcade cabinet that you can use as a phone holder. I'm going to try doing a proper one for pacman and then space invaders then see if people want them for themselves (let me know if you do, pay what you want + shipping from the UK)

Does anyone here do monochrome commissions, approximately 32x32 in size? I have some ideas for my perler art but I'm no good at making this kind of thing. I've attached an example of the kind of thing I'm looking for.

Boosts welcome!

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