"We have updated our instance rules to include a new rule: "No unsolicited advice to strangers." This is a clarification of our harassment rules in response to common harassment patterns in the network. Please contact the administrators if you have any questions about this change. Thanks!"

For those not on the instance, if you get unsolicited advice from a account, you can (and please do) report it

@xmakina this seems like a very forward-thinking step, im impressed! may i also add: lmaooooooooo

@pisscotheque it's policies like this why I feel happy staying on this instance, the admin/mod team takes a really good stance in opposing "tech bros"

@xmakina @pisscotheque we found the suggestions from a remote user and discussed it, seemed like a good idea 👍 A lot of times being a good admin is just listening.

@xmakina Wow. That's heart-warming to read. Thank you.

How hard it is to ignore such "unsolicted advices"?

Once people get taste of censoring others, they want more.

@redstarfish honestly take a look at the replies to me original toot; there are a lot of people outside of the instance who are happy to see this, I think it's reasonable to extrapolate that ignoring said unsolicited advice has become a problem for enough people that a strong position against it is a solid idea

@xmakina That's a nice rule. Getting advice from strangers I didn't ask for has been useful occasionally, but most of the time it's just been annoying.

@xmakina is that a kind of spam, people advicing others with the intention to sell?

@JohanEmpa certainly could be, I guess. Mostly though, reading the announcement (I'm just a user, sharing this announcement since I couldn't boost it directly) it's "(a) common harassment pattern in the network"

@xmakina okay. I now see the other replies also( when I go to the website). Always forget that Tusky isn't showing the whole thread of posts.

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