So my chronically ill, non binary, asexual partner has started making the most adorable knitted animals and they're currently doing a pride range that include Bree the Biceratops, Tilly the Transceratops and Peter the Pansexual Stegosaurus. They'll be at in on Saturday at Nexus Art Cafe from 1930 and they have a Facebook page.

Please boost if you like them and think your followers would like them too!

@aldersprig that's so cool! I hope they arrive safe and sound, thank you so much for supporting Wednesday, they've been (literally) overwhelmed with how much people like their pride dinosaurs

@xmakina I got it and I'm so happy! It's adorable~~~ It's going on my shelf at work .:-D


@aldersprig eee! I just saw the photo, so cool to see one in the wild!

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@xmakina I'll try to get a more color-true photo later, when it gets its permanent home in my office tomorrow!

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