One political/technical thought for the day: yes, FOSTA-SESTA is responsible for the #Tumblr diaspora, and it's responsible for causing similar harm at other sites. But don't forget that the corporations hosting these sites have been predatory data miners for years, and were never out to protect their users in the first place.

Federated services like Mastodon show us how the Internet should work: smaller servers, run by actual people, that have real privacy controls. #ByeTumblr


@arzhur secondary consideration: If the FBI, CIA etc. approach an instance runner, they are much more likely to shut down their instance than kowtow to secret back doors they're not allowed to talk about, since they don't have any shareholders demanding their return on investment.

As decentralised systems take root, it's important that if an instance owner suddenly announces "back up and move I'm closing down in a week" we don't think they're running from something bad they did.

@xmakina Quite true, but the beauty of decentralization is that these instances can exist all around the globe in different countries, yet share the same content to federated servers. It will take the CIA/FBI/etc. a long time to figure out how to wrangle such a decentralized network.

TL,DR: We can adapt faster than they can, and with US-(Any Nation Here) relations strained, extradition and strong-arm tactics won't be nearly so effective.

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