Do you suffer from mental health crises? A few years ago a friend floated the idea of an app that might help people cope. I've finally started putting together a prototype and would like a few people on standby to try it out. If you have an android phone, are in the UK and would be interested, please send me a direct message.

Boosts very appreciated.

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@paralithode @shel kinda but not really, the app is more designed to be tailored by the user. Details from the original post (2014) are here

@xmakina I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here. I think this is a very good idea (not least of all because I've noodled with similar ideas in the past) BUT I think you need to give more thought to it and/or encourage feedback from MH professionals. Automatically calling emergency services for example: (a) I'd -guess- automating that isn't even possible (for the public) and (b) at the deepest end of a (for example, suicidal) crisis, it's certainly not always immediately the right thing to do.

@xmakina That said, any app that provides support or distraction or allows you to communicate (non-verbally) that you need assistance, to a trusted network of carers or friends, is a really solid foundation for an idea and I encourage you to run with it (if only I had the time and energy to see all the ideas I come up with to completion!)

@andy please don't advocate for the devil, he is not a good person

@andy that is, if you want to talk in good faith you really need to restructure how you communicate. "devil's advocate" is always code for "bad faith, including just making random shit up to prove my own point", and your response is entirely your reaction to your own assumptions. I'm not going to open a dialogue on these terms.

@xmakina Okay, noted. I'll bow out of this conversation. Have a good day.

Hi yeah, I'm so new here I don't actually know how to DM yet

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