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Howdy! Trans women are women, trans men are men, non binary people exist and their pronouns are to be respected, even if you don't like the person.

If you don't agree, please don't follow me

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I'm in my 30's and a communist, with a lean towards Full Automation and Intersectionality.

I did a test a long time ago that called my social media style "curator" and I think that's accurate. I won't often post my own thoughts, choosing instead to boost the words of others. Boosts are definitely endorsements.

I'm cis, white, male, a uni drop-out, and a software developer both by trade and hobby. I also play a lot of video games in my spare time.

Someone is setting off a BUNCH of fireworks, at least the last couple of minutes of constant bangs. It's 1255 in the afternoon!

@lapis I do have a small gripe with it being a bit slow to reply, but that's because of inter-server updates rather than the code being slow (you can see replies instantly on the profile, but it can take anything up to 5 minutes for the notification to propagate back to your own server)

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@lapis have given the bot a big overhaul, they seem pretty stable now and is running on my cloud box. it gives you random words, but, be warned, it seems to play to win in my experiences. would love to know what you think


Hey you! Yes, you, the one using the computer.

If a computer program crashes and you did not write the program and you are not currently setting your computer on fire or dunking it in a pool of water, it is literally never your fault.

Crashing is not a response to unexpected input. Crashing is what programs do when the alternative is doing something illegal like reading from an address outside of memory or running instructions that don't exist.

It is always the programmer's fault when a program crashes. They will not be mad at you for telling them about it.

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Had to take the bus into town today, and wore a kilt. Some Delores decided to take issue; which sadly I'm used to. "Why are you wearing a skirt?!" and so on. As I said, used to it (and big scary white dude, so I have some privilege to wield), so I'm calmly addressing it with her

But then she said "well how am I supposed to explain that to my kid?!", and friends, I didn't have to say a thing, because the most awesome Black lady jumped in. She turned to her kid (I'd guess roughly 13 years old) and said "hey, why is he allowed to wear a skirt?"

Kid: "he's grown enough to wear whatever the fuck he wants"

Mom: "see?! Ain't hard ma'am"

Delores huffed but that was pretty much the end 🤣

i instantly called everyone over to my workstation i have been riffing on this for the past hour. irl shitposting

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christ second game with HangmanBot and I already want it to piss off. What kind of word is "zoonal", I ask you?

Man one thing writing a mastodon bot has really taught me is how slow server/server comms can be...

Brb, asking craiyon (formerly dall-e mini) for dick picks

he's called The Old Boy because that's what's written in quotes on the underside of his foot, along with an almost unintelligible signature

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The Old Boy, which I came across by accident on eBay while looking for mementos mori and couldn’t stop thinking about for months until I finally had to purchase him. Why the grin? Why sic transit Gloria mundi on the circus ball?! My brother is convinced he’s deeply cursed and is the proof that my role in a horror movie would be bringing some messed up little object home and unleashing doom but look at him, he makes me so happy

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