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Howdy! Trans women are women, trans men are men, non binary people exist and their pronouns are to be respected, even if you don't like the person.

If you don't agree, please don't follow me

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I'm in my 30's and a communist, with a lean towards Full Automation and Intersectionality.

I did a test a long time ago that called my social media style "curator" and I think that's accurate. I won't often post my own thoughts, choosing instead to boost the words of others. Boosts are definitely endorsements.

I'm cis, white, male, a uni drop-out, and a software developer both by trade and hobby. I also play a lot of video games in my spare time.

Sod it, at the risk of doxxing myself, do you do accessibility?
Do you want to work with me?

I'm recruiting for an "Accessibility Consultant"
Has to be in the UK (sadly)
Very varied stuff, almost all of it is good for the environment, and all of it helps people (in theory)
DM me if you want to know more.


creator of infinity train just straight up telling people to pirate his show.

I drank three cups of oolong tea and now I cannot sleep BUT LOOK AT THESE STICKER DESIGNS!!!! This was a commission from my mom, she wants to give out stickers to the chronic illness therapy group she runs. I might also make these available on my kofi but my mom has other plans so we’ll see. #mastoart

Attention trans folks! Don’t forget to supervise your Blåhajar and keep your phone out of reach!

I left him for five minutes, and by the time I got back he was already on the Shark Web 😱😰

all i have ever done in this world is be beautiful, sexy etc and bestow my immaculate vibes on all those who encounter me. my thanks for this? being forced to "go to meetings" "answer emails" and so on. let's consider another man who was punished for being too chill and nice .a man named jesus christ

cops just called me, im getting all my devices back and the US gets none of the collected evidence 😎

40 years ago today the first CD was manufactured, very close to where I live!

Collecting "priceless" knickknacks from a culture which someone from that culture would consider insignificant. Learning isolated words from that culture (and barely remembering them). Having a crush on a cultural idol only seen from afar. Wanting to visit but not having the first idea to do once there.

Ariel, from "The Little Mermaid", was a proto-weeb. In this essay I will

"jobs where you're undercompensated and undersupported for your essential labor but, covertly, incentivized to make up the psychological difference by torturing and terrorizing the people your job gives you power over" is a real and predictive category of labor, covering teachers, nurses/doctors, and even arguably parents, all of whom could be said to do reproductive labor whether compensated through wages or, as in the case of parents, uncompensated

cops don't reproduce the worker. cops don't care for people. cops don't do anything useful for society. cops enforce white supremacy and the property rights of capitalists. cops are compensated, even overcompensated, FOR torturing and terrorizing civilians; that's what the JOB is.

those things are different. conflating them is useless

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