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Felix, the person behind a lot of the I've posted here in the past (like the Transceratops) is on Mastodon! Go give them a follow please at @qwends

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I've downloaded everything from Astronomy Picture of the Day from the start date to the end of 2019 and put it in a torrent.

If you want a load of background pictures, please seed it once you've got a copy.

Please boost and share

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Howdy! Trans women are women, trans men are men, non binary people exist and their pronouns are to be respected, even if you don't like the person.

If you don't agree, please don't follow me

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I'm in my 30's and a communist, with a lean towards Full Automation and Intersectionality.

I did a test a long time ago that called my social media style "curator" and I think that's accurate. I won't often post my own thoughts, choosing instead to boost the words of others. Boosts are definitely endorsements.

I'm cis, white, male, a uni drop-out, and a software developer both by trade and hobby. I also play a lot of video games in my spare time.

Sonic hedgehog: *Beating up old man dressed in red with white gloves and a moustache* Fuck you eggman! You'll never get the chaos em-MARIO OMG I am SO sorry! Here let me help you up!
Mario: *rips up invite to mario kart* you were-a da right choice for smash... see you at the Olympics... >:{( (thats his moustache)

a leaked policy suggests the department of health is going to give people a £500 grant is they test positive for covid. now on the surface you think this is a good idea, they can self isolate and not have to go to work. however... if somebody says to you 'you can get £500 if you get corona virus' the first thing most people are gonna do, is try to get corona virus because they have no fucking money. 14 MULLION fucking people in this country literally, and I mean LITERALLY, cannot afford food in the UK right now, you would take the money. I already had covid once and it fucking sucked and I would try to get the virus to take the money, because fuck me I could really use £500 right now my families budget is collapsing.

further more £500 is literally fuck all, my rent is £120 a week and you're supposed to self isolate fir several weeks, which is going to take most of that money. we also spend about ~£80 a week on food, and then you have monthly utility bills on top of that and boom that money is not enough. and so people just go to work with covid because that's far better off

I heard somebody say this the other day and it's so fucking true, the labour party is worse than the democrats at this point. the labour party denounced BLM and called it a heated moment, they've demanded schools be opened and kids be forced back into schools contrary to the unions choices, and they have done literally fuck all to suggest policy to provide actual solutions to the starving millions who rely on food parcels and foodbanks

if you were small and in the uk at the time of harry potter and you felt like it was for you, you were rich and almost certainly white

Putting "Husband, father, gamer IN THAT ORDER" in my bio to fit in with the Americans

broke: open source is good because it allows a community to maintain its own communal software
woke: open source is good because cat emojis go brrr

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oh hey we're on the version of mastodon with that PR i did

to anyone on m.t, you can now hold ctrl on the emoji picker while clicking to spam emojis discord-style

:popcat: :popcat: :popcat: :popcat: :popcat:

I created this "Maslow's hierarchy of jobs" about 20 years go. Iv'e found to be good guide for when was time to move on (or stay). If you're failing at one or more of the lower 5 levels (pay not likely to continue, getting paid but nobody cares what you do) might be time to find a more productive gig.

You probably won't see this from HR in goals setting and performance management sessions.

I don't know what "praxis" means, but spamming Amazon's cool union busting website is praxis:

as her Xmas gift to everyone Doris is being cute and furry

(I am a communist do not follow me for cat pics and then shit your pants in my replies when I post communist stuff)

If only the people of Troy had looked that gift horse in the mouth.

I'm not going to miss the only safe time to go to the shop being 7am

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