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Thank you, @Guardian! 🙏

The newspaper’s new feature clearly displays an article’s publication date when it’s shared on social media. This seemingly simple change will go a long way slowing the spread of misinformation online. tweeted by @mozilla

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CloudFlare mixing things up again with a VPN service for improved mobile connectivity

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Repeat after me - Smart TVs are not a smart investment. Get a good screen and use a set-top device: Android TV update puts home-screen ads on multi-thousand-dollar Sony Smart TVs

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So over the last two months, I've killed my Birdsite account, stopped watching YouTube for the most part, stopped running Steam and only running DRM-free games, and am moving to ProtonMail from GMail.

It feels good.

I finally finished all 35 episodes (to date) for . Great series and I would encourage anyone remotely interested in security to hear these stories. Even if you don't care about security but have some online account(s), still valuable. A donation is on its way!

This show has made my reading list get a bit longer too. Some great books to be had that continue to dive into these tales from the dark side.

Keep up the good work @JackRhysider

I only recently stumbled upon (not via the dreadful app).

It was somewhat reassuring that decisions I made on products and services were already included in this list and some are even the "editors choice" for their category.

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It still baffles me that some people expect artists to do work for free. Maybe they would for an open source project, but stop asking for free work for your business!! I certainly ain't coding for free. Why the hell should they?!

Making a strong move to a laptop as my everyday device has been interesting. Overall good, but interesting. I am by no means a head.

The fact that has a "mapped drive" to my cloud storage has been extremely helpful with the transition. After all, I use maybe 1-3% of Word and Excel features. The move to OpenOffice has been fairly easy to date. (knock on wood)

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Honestly, we can’t make the finer points of tax codes any easier to understand BUT if you need to send financial info, Firefox Send will get it where you need it to go safely & disappear when you’re done with it. tweeted by @Firefox

I am really enjoying the move to . The interface is simple, and finally a good password manager that is open source that I can get behind.

My password hygiene, and more importantly my families, has immensely improved!

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Critics say the FAA let the company basically certify its own plane. It turns out, that sort of thing happens a lot in the federal government.

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#Panopticlick is an #EFF service, where you can click a button on the website and get your browser tested to see how well it protects you against trackers on the web:

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Mark Zuckerberg is a piece of shit. His platform sucks ass so now that governments are investigating it he's all like, I wish it could be better but there's no laws for it, it's not my fault! Fuck off

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I appreciate this story of how is used, not just by people living under censorship, but day-to-day people trying to protect their kids.

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I am really enjoying . The stories are incredible. Anyone that uses the internet should have this as required listening. So much valuable information presented in an addicting format, at least for me.

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Just listened to another #DarknetDiaries episode and, while it wasn't the focus of the story, something really struck me. After only an hour of forcing hacked Chromecasts to play a YouTube video #HackerGiraffe made, #Google removed the video and gave his account a full strike. One company has ultimate power over this GIANT platform (as well as many others).

Isn't that just a little concerning?


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@dildog William Gibson himself agrees

"Much of the planet’s human population, today, lives in conditions that many inhabitants of North America would regard as dystopian. Quite a few citizens of the United States live under conditions that many people would regard as dystopian. Dystopia is not very evenly distributed."

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Podcast suggestions for ?

I love @DarknetDiaries and want to listen to more information security podcasts.

RTs for reach appreciated.

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