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Tbh The Technology instance Rocks , i Hope it continues like that :battery_full:

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Interacting with this thing is so pleasant. A spinwheel (remember those! So fun!). An internal speaker? A cover gallery? A *radio?*

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Hello Mastadon People , do u think we need the Poll feature similar to the 🐦 site ?

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Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text

Passwords were exposed for years to anyone who had internal access to the files.

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If you haven't left Facebook yet, this should really make you reconsider (AGAIN)

How many things does this company have to do (BADLY) before they get investigated, or at best shut down?

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Both Twitter and Medium share two things in common:

- Founders
- A business strategy of using developers and apps built on their platform/API to gain critical mass and popularity, and then when they hit their peak, screwing over developers and apps by pulling and stopping APIs and leaving the apps dysfunctional


What's all around good windows laptop available right now ?

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Do, or do not. There is no 'try'. - Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back #movie #quotes

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Happy New year to all those who celebrate it 🎉

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Apple’s Animoji’s are pretty fun but they really highlight how technology can funnel you into certain emotions. You can express a hundred happy expressions with Animoji’s, but sad expressions are nearly impossible.

Anyone have a cool project idea for collage project ?

So @the bird site not only a fake account is verified no , it's allowed to promote spam too ! :god_no:

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Anybody entering or currently in the computer software industry would seriously benefit from listening to probably my favourite podcast: Soft Skills Engineering. The non-technical skills of being an engineer often fall by the wayside, so Dave and Jamison tackle listener questions about them in a hilarious and genuinely insightful way. Check it out!

Not only my Digital Electronics system professor sucks but the TA too :god_no:

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