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The visual design of internet forums still blows my mind. There's so much clutter and absolutely useless information: "The date user regitered and their custom signature is are very important to me, so much so that I want to see this information on every post they make!" - said no one ever.


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Approaching version 1.0 of Meetable, my open source events website. Today I worked on streamlining the installation process for Heroku, and it’s now installable in under 5 minutes, no command line required! Try it out!

The client on for is so smooth - wow! Now can we get an equally good client on desktop? There like 10 different alpha clients with no development 😬

developers trully are aliens.
Instead of adding an optional keyboard shortcut or allow to defined shortcuts yourself they'll make you do 3 mouse clicks for a common function because "muh minimalism" - no wonder the platform is dead with maintainers like this. 😩

Everyone focusing on death number of but what about just being bloody sick for 2 weeks and after effects? What about whole economical damage. Such preventable outbreaks should never even occur but "muh tradition of eatings wild animals" ugh...

's `logging` module is so bloody awful. Can we just delete it and start over?

It's embarrasing how long it's taking to fix their skylake gpus on . i915 has been hanging and freezing for TWO MONTHS now and this critical issue still hasn't been resolved yet.

My last intel product.


The new show is some of the worst television I've seen in years. How was it greenlit by the same publisher who greenlit and ? πŸ€”πŸ™„

My is to focus more on memories!

Here's an indepth on why and how I plan to achieve it:

I think it's a pretty fun read but any feedback is highly appriaciated!

Happy late 2020 folks!

Just reached 14k reputation on !

Kinda getting back into answering questions but the quality of questions has been really down in the past year or so to add quality of answers is increasing so it does feel like my contribution takes more effort and provides less general value.

That being I still love the platform and it's a really great pasive community!

Ever wanted to start a digital journal (aka diary or a log book)?

Check out pelican-journal - a static website builder:

A is for your memory and general mental health!

Just finished a marathon. The first and the last two movies has all of the substance - there's so much filler and so many plot holes that were primarily introduces by the filler movies. Kinda disappointing really in that way.

My first watch and I definitely appreciate the IP - it's pleasantly mystical and creative!

Anyone using for on and has set up notifications successfully? It needs some feed but nothing I put in there works πŸ˜”

Anyone is playing and wants to be my friend? 😁

It's a Harry Potter based GPS game like PokΓ©mon Go but with wizards and spells!

My code:
2786 3064 7804

Been a while since I was impressed with a smartphone but I just got my hands on and it seems to tick every box just right:
great double camera, great size, flat beautiful screen, great overall body design and plays nice with apps from .

I'm sticking with this one! just awarded it with best small phone of the year award too, so it's not just me πŸ˜…

How come nobody's talking about a scam that is storage? 64GB in 2019?
It's absurd how plays the market like a fiddle. Oh new iPhone is only $900 but that's the unusable handicapped version, the real one is actually 1100!

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