We're celebrating 10 years of En Tiempo Real with our first WoNoMute playlist:


With Tone Åse, Natasha Barrett, Ane Bjerkan, Ada Hoel, Liz Dobson UoH, Mari Lesteberg, Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad, Ximena Alarcón Díaz, Anna Xambo, Kristin Nordeval and Alex Murray-Leslie Chicksonspeed w. Melissa Logan.

Don't miss our next inspirational biosketch video and interview, this time with Angela Brennecke wonomute.no/interviews/angela-

Supported by: NTNU & UiO

We are back from the Easter break with this great biosketch video and interview with Tami Gadir, enjoy!
Supported by: NTNU & UiO, in collaboration with the MCT master

Pamela Z: Works and Processes, scheduled today Monday, April 8, 2019, 15:00-16:00 CET time, starting in 30min we will be video streaming the talk here: youtu.be/6RZpQP8z8Lg

We have launched a fantastic biosketch video and interview with Tone Åse, check it out!
Supported by: NTNU & UiO, in collaboration with the MCT master

Open Call - Who is your Women in Music Tech (WoMuTe) Hero? Submission deadline is
1st of March.
-name and mini-bio max. 150 characters, citation. More info:

of march

The talk by Tami Gadir: "The Music Technological Body" will start in 45 min and will be video streamed here!: youtu.be/2GmH98qsMwI Supported by: @NTNU @UniOslo In collaboration with: @MCT_master

Check out the biosketch video and interview with alxmurrayleslie, chicksonspeed wonomute.no/interviews/alexand Supported by NTNUHumanities UniOsloHF, in collaboration with MCT_master

"Tami Gadir: The Music Technological Body" on February 4, 2019, 15:00-16:00, will be our next WoNoMute talk! wonomute.no/seminars/2019-01-2 - Supported by: @NTNU @UniOslo In collaboration with: @MCT_master

The third WoNoMute talk is about to start [3pm CET time]: Tone Åse will be presenting "Voice, Electronics and Improvisation" here is the streaming link for those who cannot make it to Oslo/Trondheim

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