my meds are just magic balls that make me work…. right.

computer asks to restart.
me: *this won’t take long*
computer actually is updating…. for 30 minutes.

got back from data center dell asleep immediately. at 8:30pm.

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the rat inside our network switch turned out to be very large

if you have never gotten dressed straight from a cold dryer. We live different lives….

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We've just received footage of the facebook ops team making BGP changes this morning

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"this centralized service i don't like is down, so please use this other centralized service i do like"

deleted TikTok the day Instagram went down. my phone was a useless brick to me. what did I use to do.

Why do I want a M1 Mac Mini for a home server...

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@wokuno we're doing a much better job now than we were as middle schoolers

Us 8 years ago: “let’s do a minecraft hosting company”
Us now: *runs hosting company*

*Promises to get up and do work*
*is still in bed on phone, 2 hrs later*

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