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Here's my GatsbyJS generated site:


Which will soon be the new version of

Hopefully there are not many differences!

Got around to buying a book that I can work through with my guitar. Felt like I was stalling a little.

Remember Twitter before brands? That’s what this feels like. Cool. Awkward. Refreshing.

Ok, let's try an experiment. You can use this page to sign up for Toot!:

It will remain open as long as I dare, and hopefully I won't run completely out of beta tester slots!

And remember, not everything works yet! Report bugs at, but remember to check if they are already there!

Have been migrating my blog from jekyll to Gatsby over the last few days. Nearly there!

This last week was my first week at my new job! Very excited to have joined this awesome team and looking forward to seeing what we create :110:

Would be kinda cool to be able to import your old twitter posts? Maybe just the last 1000 or so.

The mastodon web interface is awesome. The local and federated timelines are awesome to sit back and watch 👌

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