Would be kinda cool to be able to import your old twitter posts? Maybe just the last 1000 or so.

@will nah maybe a separate twitter readonly archive... There's too much of hate, fear and frustration to carry over into here, some have more some have less but lets wipe that slate clean.

@will yeah! I'm sure there must be a tool for that

@will I thought about that too, at least briefly. I eventually decided that a clean slate is an opportunity, and increasingly rare in the digital age. But I bet folks are working on importers as we toot

@trav_stone Yeah that's a good point! I'll likely just make a backup of all my data from Twitter and store it in a safe place 😀

@will I did make a backup before I deleted my bird account... considering going back thru them and posting the 'best of the best' stuff here! A clean slate is good, but don't forget the classics!

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