I wonder how long it'll be until they try again without the neural blockers at play.

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I always wonder if I should be more true to me (sarcastic) in my responses or if they should be the typical "straight-cut" responses.

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Here’s the latest review I received for my app.


I've gone from never having tonsillitis in my life to having it 4 times in the last 18 months. It's the worst.

I've stared at the word "image" too much and now I can only see "eye-mage" in my head.

So close to landing the Swift 4.2 migration PR 🎉

Spent all day in an Xcode playground working with linear algebra. I'm pretty fried at this point, so it's time to play some guitar!

Me: “I shave 5ms off of that API call”
Apple: “We made it 9 times faster while occupying 1/10th the energy”

Before today if never heard of Quaternions. Now I’m trying to wrap my head around them.. 🤯

The new MacBook Pro's speakers are incredible!

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