Out of curiosity, how much storage does an instance like this require?

@adz @wickedbloodfart The Postgres database is 42GB and the media uploads (which are stored on AWS S3) are 331GB. The media uploads include federated uploads, which get cached in the S3 bucket for 1 month before getting cycled out. Let me know if I can clarify anything 👍

@ashfurrow @adz That’s actually not bad at all. I assumed way more. Is the caching process you mentioned part of mastodon, or is that your creation? Thanks!

@wickedbloodfart @adz it’s built into mastodon’s tootctl tool, I just set up a daily cron job for it.

@ashfurrow @adz Oh, neat. It’s obvious I should read the docs at this point. Thanks for the information!

@wickedbloodfart @adz ah yeah, well, the docs can be... spotty. If you ever have questions, I'm happy to help.

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