Toot! v16.0 is out!

Wait, 16.0?

Yes, I got tired of looking at the "1." at the start of the version number, and realised I don't really have any plans that would result in me ever changing that to a 2, so I figured it might as well drop it. I never liked the three-part version numbers anyway, and it's fairly normal these days to just bump the major version for each iterative release.

Anyway, this is a release for getting rid of people!

Anyone here using blue switches in your office keyboard? Do your coworkers hate you?

I want the feel of blues, but feel like I need the volume of reds.

I have 8 days of PTO to burn before the end of the year. Today is day #1.

I just preordered Outer Worlds and Modern Warfare, the wife and kid are going out of town all weekend, and I have a ton of weed to smoke.

It couldn’t be more perfect.

Forget waiting for the 16” MacBook Pro. The 2019 15” i9 is screaming fast. 💙

New MacBook Pro shows up today... I’m pretty excited to have the larger display again. I’ve missed it.

Thinking about selling my 13” MacBook Pro to pick up a 15”. Talk me out of it.

Thinking about selling my Mavic 2 Zoom. Talk me out of it!

Just finished Endgame. That was really good! I’m actually going to miss that story arc.

Replacing all of my old Insteon gear with Wemo. It’s sooo much better, and best of all, it doesn’t require HomeBridge. Finally, HomeKit is looking up!

FYI, don’t slurp your coffee in meetings, especially when you want me to code on the spot. Gross.

So I already have an American Professional Stratocaster, but I’m really really crushing on an Am Pro Telecaster with a solid rosewood neck. Waste of cash? Talk me out if it!

Anyone out there pick up the new Powerbeats Pro headphones yet? Just wondering if you find they’re worth the cost.

Out of curiosity, how much storage does an instance like this require?

So centurylink has been running fiber down the main roads near my neighborhood, but hasn’t ventured in yet. Is it common to deal with the main roads first, and then do the last little hop to each house?

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