"The Medium Method" takes both advantages of paper and digital tools by using paper notebook most of the time and digitalizing it in at night. todoist.com/productivity-metho

My workflow is not exactly the same but also consist of and a paper notebook for similar reasons.

tl;dr; tldr (tldr.sh/) is a community-driven man pages with practical examples.

For the sake of my eye health, I use iPhone 13 because it has the highest PWM frequency (610Hz) in the market.

I want to use Android but even with Pixel 6's 367Hz, it is still hurting my eyes.

I have a habit of hitting the save shortcut (C-x C-s) occasionally.

However, if the buffer does not have a visited file (like treemacs, vterm, scratch, help, etc), Emacs asks me where to save the file and I need to cancel with triple ESC.

Here is my solution to fix it. whhone.com/posts/my-save-buffe

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