What the state of smartphones feels like today when you care about privacy

Cool open source and encrypted service that lets you send self-destructing notes via a link


So desperate for controll 🙄

Apple: concerned that strict regulation mandating just one type of connector stifles innovation rather than encouraging it, which in turn will harm consumers in Europe and the world

Directive: Apple’s proprietary solutions are no longer justified in view of the technical advantages provided by the introduction of the USBC interface


I finally deleted my google account :blobdab:

I’ve had this account for well over 10 years and had everything there. When I became more privacy-aware I deleted a lot of stuff from it and migrated to other services but I was finally able to delete it for good :blobcat:

I’m happy and relieved!

Pirvacytools.io now redirects to privacyguides.org!

Here’s the announcement from the new subreddit. The website looks nice and polished :blobaww:

Hopefully this will be a smooth transition!


I’ve seen many people share articles about delaying the client-side spying thing and I’m very happy and proud that our screeching voices were able to make apple, a company that in their own eyes makes no wrong decision, walk something back

We should definitely celebrate, but some people were already claiming victory and moving on

Key word “delaying”. They didn’t kill it. We gotta stay vigilant because they’re gonna wait, brand it differently and implement it for good

The DuckDuckGo browser is my default browser for disposable searches and I really enjoy using it

Something I don’t like about it though, is that there is no option to force websites to be https. I’ve found myself several times on http websites without noticing because the browser doesn’t show the user any warning at all

Even if I only use it for disposable searches I still want websites to be https and to be warned if a website isn’t. I think that’s just a basic good browser feature

Once the precedent has been set that it is fit and proper for even a "pro-privacy" company like Apple to make products that betray their users and owners, Apple itself will lose all control over how that precedent is applied.

- Edward Snowden


Yesterday I was shopping for clothes and while waiting for a changing room to be available i heard two women talking

One of them was on their phone and they said something along the lines of:

“Wow, do you remember that thing we were talking about a few minutes ago? Well now I’ve been shown several ads about that same thing on Instagram.. how horrible!”

It’s so sad that this is our reality, where we sell ourselves and our time to get targeted with creepy ads

- At Facebook we respect your privacy and personal data

- We believe that the future is private

Yeah right.. I feel like this illustration perfectly captures Facebook’s image behind it’s curtain

Sadly I don’t have the money at this time to justify this and it also wouldn’t be good to just throw away a perfectly working phone

So it looks like I’ll have to stick this this piece of spyware for a while :meow:

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This Redditor is attempting to do research on global surveillance to create a helpful Wikipedia page about it

You can contribute by:
• Linking where to find surveillance orders figures for your country?
• How are the surveillance orders called in your country?
• What are the authorities that need to publish such figures?


I wanna finally be done with my thesis and graduate so I can finally abandon Mac and move fully to Linux for the first time in my life

I'm planning to install Manjaro KDE on my MacBook and I couldn't be more excited :blobcat:

Any recommendations for good, privacy focused and stable XMPP servers (other than 404.city) to join now that blabber is dead?

From wired: “DuckDuckGo will roll out some major new products and features, including a desktop browser and email privacy protection, making online privacy possible and easy”

This sounds exciting :blobcat: I only wish that everything is open source


Organic Maps an Android and iOS offline maps app based on OpenStreetMap

It looks really good and has 0 trackers according to @exodus Love to have more alternatives to recommend :blobcat:


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