I wanna finally be done with my thesis and graduate so I can finally abandon Mac and move fully to Linux for the first time in my life

I'm planning to install Manjaro KDE on my MacBook and I couldn't be more excited :blobcat:

Finally started using Whonix today! It’s really cool, very easy to set up (even for me as a noob) and works really well.

Gonna be using it much more frequently to browse on Tor given that Whonix OS is much more trustworthy than my host OS. Really recommend it!

So fucking cool :perl:

Hi everyone! Just migrated my old account @sirduck@mastodon.social here, to post more specifically about and issues around the world in general. I'm a student and love learning more about tech, and anything really, I have plenty more interests like and of course I enjoy any and all memes

As you can see I suck at introductions but I'm happy to be here :)

For more cozy content you can follow me on @spacelizard

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