Then also seeing how much stuff ublokOrigin is blocking and that’s when I close the site.

So annoying!

What the state of smartphones feels like today when you care about privacy

Though I wish some of the links here would change.. or at least that they would have a account and maybe a gitlab/codeberg account

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My mom gifted me the ikea shark for my graduation and I love it so much :blobheart:
I named it Steven Shork :blobcat:

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Well.. I just graduated and with a great final note :blobaww: :blobaww: I’m so fucking haaaaaappy:ablobcatrainbow:

- At Facebook we respect your privacy and personal data

- We believe that the future is private

Yeah right.. I feel like this illustration perfectly captures Facebook’s image behind it’s curtain

Wow! I know Facebook is shit but seeing everything they track layed out is insane.

It’s the information each app collects based on Apple’s new privacy badges. Facebook messenger is absolutely nuts, I can’t believe they cram so much shit into 1 messaging app. Instagram is almost just as bad I think.

Telegram is missing from the chart and Signal is missing: Data not linked to you -> contact info. Either way the contrast is mind boggling


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