Wow Mastodon climbed to Nr. 6 on the App Store in the social networking category :ablobcatrainbow:


This is kinda nuts.. Mastodon just surpassed Signal in the social networking category on the AppStore

Congrats @Gargron

@weltsnake if only this app could show local and global timelines... I'm afraid new users will find it hard to connect to people without it

@luciledt yeah me too. Some important features are still missing. Hopefully they’ll arrive soon

@weltsnake @luciledt I think local and federated timelines would’ve been quite confusing to users coming from Twitter. I’ve seen a lot of confusion around “choosing a server” already. Imagine adding timelines to that.

It makes sense to have those timelines for users who know their way around Mastodon, but it may be just a tad too much to take in at first for new comers.

@luciledt @ilyess I agree with that but only in the case of super big instances. But for smaller instances, the local timeline is like their home. I remember that was the case for me in the beginning. Then once I found many people to follow I usually just stayed in my home tl but I still visit the local tl and sooometimes the federated one.
Reflecting on what I just wrote I think it would have been difficult to implement the local timeline into the app but only for instances…>

@luciledt @ilyess of X size. That could have been confusion in and of itself.

@luciledt @weltsnake That’s true. Some well-focused instances have really interesting local timelines.

Adding the federated timeline would’ve been a risky move though. I’ve been here for a while now and I still don’t dare go there xD

@ilyess @weltsnake I read it, depending on the instance you're on, it is readable and quite pleasant 🙂 (after you've silenced all the bots you don't like)

@luciledt @weltsnake
That *is* an odd omission. I've found Tusky (on Android) to be more usable in the time being.

Hashtags are the closest thing to a public timeline on the official app, and that's not *too* terrible a workaround.

@luciledt @weltsnake it shows them in a search menu, then you scroll those "blocks" on the top to the left but yeah, it's complicated

@MeinMeister @Gargron it’s like a video group chat thing. Doesn’t seem that cool

@weltsnake @Gargron Given that the Fediverse has been adding ~800-1200 new users an hour since the Musk announcement I'm not terribly surprised.

@weltsnake @Gargron The bad thing is people are expecting to find a new Twitter here... many don't want to see Mastodon etc. for what they are and what they offer.

@blu256 @weltsnake @Gargron wether Mastodon and the fediverse meets their needs or not will be their choices, but I think that just the fact of people knowing the existence of very mature and active social networks (outside the commercial spectrum) is already a lot

@weltsnake @Gargron yesterday, here in Ecuador the app was in the 110th place on Social Networks. Today it is at 88th. Not huge numbers but certainly some significant rise in the list.

@Goldmaster @weltsnake It's region specific. Mastodon was a Top 3 app on the Play Store in Germany on Sunday.

@weltsnake @gargron

And here's where we see the benefit of an "official" Mastodon client. Yeah, it kind of sucks that people may not realize other options exist, but for the new users who hear about Mastodon and want to try it, the first thing they do is go to the app store and look for an official client, assuming that anything else is a scammy, fake rip off.

Hopefully once people are here we can help teach about how this whole wonderful, anarchic (multiarchnic?) system works...

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