I finally deleted my google account :blobdab:

I’ve had this account for well over 10 years and had everything there. When I became more privacy-aware I deleted a lot of stuff from it and migrated to other services but I was finally able to delete it for good :blobcat:

I’m happy and relieved!

@weltsnake Congrats on that, that could not have been easy to do.

@rd thanks :) it took a loooong time but I feel free now :blobcat:

What other services did you go to (and would you recommend them)?

@hyperlinkyourheart well for YouTube I went to Freetube and invidious. For google photos and drive I’m storing everything in hard drives at the moment until I selfhost Nexcloud or get a synology.
Email is a mix of ProtonMail and Tutanota with AnonAddy.
Search is DuckDuckGo, start page and searx

@weltsnake impressive. What do you do about YouTube? That's the thing currently preventing me from doing the same thing.

Congratulations for persueing and achieving such an exhausting task. I am sure it was worth it! :mastogrin:

@weltsnake I want to do that, but I've used "Sign up using Google" *alot* over the years on other websites, and I'm afraid I'm gonna use one of them in the future but won't be able to login. They really know how to trap you in. Congrats though!

@MarcellusDrum you can go into your google account setting and find which services you’ve enabled through “sign up with google” and you can at least delete the ones you are not gonna use and for the others you can login and maybe revert to a normal account with an email and a password

@rob I’m still using my iPhone. But I really wanna move to calyx os. Problem is the phone I’m using is still in really good condition and I can’t afford to buy another phone :/ so that will have to wait

@weltsnake that's how I feel about either a fairphone or a pine phone. Just no money 😭

@weltsnake Congrats!!! I'm still trying to left all organized in order to delete it. One of my major roadblocks is my android phone (i'm not able to install a custom rom 😔 )

@SrEstegosaurio oh that’s a shame :blobpensive: but at least you can have f-droid and install all kinds of FOSS things! I still have an iPhone for now. I can’t afford to buy a pixel now just to install calyx on it. So that will have to wait.
I hope you can delete all the google stuff you still have soon, good luck :drake_like:

@weltsnake yep, FDroid and only FOSS apps on my phone. I also saving for a pixel to get calyx. And then I will erase my Google account definitely.

@SrEstegosaurio I’m cheering for you :bongocat: hopefully you get to do that soon!

@weltsnake where did you moved after degoogling? I still use mine as I need it for work/school/university

@weltsnake I want to do the same.
I plan to transition to my own Nextcloud instance as a Drive replacement.
Unfortunately, my current phone doesn't support custom ROMs at all - so I probably have to live with the Google Play Services on my device even though I don't use them.

@hbenjamin cool! Good luck with that :)
How do you plan to host it? On a VPS, a raspberry pi or your own server?
At least you can have f-droid to download all sorts of FOSS apps :drake_like:

@weltsnake I plan to use the Managed Nextcloud Hosting from @Stuxhost or use a VPS from there. Don't know yet.

@hbenjamin @Stuxhost good idea, i will consider that as well :blobcatfingerguns:
I would love to completely selfhost it myself but I don’t trust myself with the technical stuff (backups/maintenance/updates etc)

@weltsnake @Stuxhost same. In addition to that, the electricity price in Germany is really expensive and our internet is incredibly slow.

@Stuxhost @hbenjamin oh i know all about that :blobcatthinksmart: I’m living here. Although I finally have decent internet

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