I’ve known for a while that my next phone wasn’t going to be an iPhone. Probably a Pixel with GrapheneOS or CalyxOS.
After 3 years of use, this iPhone still works tremendously well. No lag, good battery life, excellent performance.

I knew apple wasn’t trustworthy but at least they weren’t google. But with the latest revelations I wish I could dump my iPhone and get a Pixel to flash it… >

Sadly I don’t have the money at this time to justify this and it also wouldn’t be good to just throw away a perfectly working phone

So it looks like I’ll have to stick this this piece of spyware for a while :meow:

@weltsnake I’m in a similar boat my phone is only 2 years old at this point so no point in ditching it just yet. Just remove your stuff from the iCloud Photo Library and turn it off. I just spent an afternoon downloading everything now I have to find good Linux photo organization software.

@Casinoslcohol luckily I’ve never used iCloud photos so that’s fine for me. But still these moves from apple make me not want to use an iPhone anymore, but oh well..

Sadly I don’t have any recommendations for such software but I hope you find what you need!

@weltsnake in case anyone else comes across this. It looks like digikam is a good solution. I have not tested it much just yet. But so far seems like a greate replacement.
I feel you on not using an iPhone, but I’d give it a year or two and see if all the android makers start doing the same thing.

@weltsnake isnt grapheneos dependent on google firmware which google only provide for 3 years after the phones release?
a couple of years ago i was in the same thoughts, but quickly changed my mind when i realized the phone will be more or less useless after 3 years. but i didnt dig deep in this so i might have missed something.

here are something for you at least :)
"It would start to become realistic to provide substantially longer device support once GrapheneOS controls the hardware and firmware via custom hardware manufactured for it. Until then, the lifetime of devices will remain based on manufacturer support."

@dsv thank you for taking the time and finding that out for me. It’s very helpful!

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