Organic Maps an Android and iOS offline maps app based on OpenStreetMap

It looks really good and has 0 trackers according to @exodus Love to have more alternatives to recommend :blobcat:

@weltsnake @exodus
Thank you so much! This is amazing and really works. I have tried every other Google maps alternative I could find and always had challenges.

@weltsnake Wow! This app is waaay better than all the open-source alternatives to Google Maps I've tried so far. First impression is really, really good. Been wishing for something like this for a long time.

Thanks for sharing.

@weltsnake I'm using it for a while and after last update it's working very nice.

@weltsnake @exodus Ooo. We use OsmAnd ourselves, wonder how this compares!

@weltsnake Does it have a way to download maps? I'm interested in the offline maps functionality.

@exodus @weltsnake Its FOSS and you may contribute. By writing feature code, test reports and feature rewquests.

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