Organic Maps an Android and iOS offline maps app based on OpenStreetMap

It looks really good and has 0 trackers according to @exodus Love to have more alternatives to recommend :blobcat:

@weltsnake @exodus
Thank you so much! This is amazing and really works. I have tried every other Google maps alternative I could find and always had challenges.

@jpaul @exodus I’m glad you like it! I’ve had the same issue. Only one that kinda worked for me was magic earth but it’s not open source so this is great

@weltsnake @exodus
Yea. And Sygic usually works but it is just a different devil

@weltsnake Wow! This app is waaay better than all the open-source alternatives to Google Maps I've tried so far. First impression is really, really good. Been wishing for something like this for a long time.

Thanks for sharing.

@iooioio Tomy impression was exactly the same that’s why I decided to share it. Glad you found it useful :)

@weltsnake I'm using it for a while and after last update it's working very nice.

@weltsnake @exodus Ooo. We use OsmAnd ourselves, wonder how this compares!

@exodus @IceWolf You should definitely give it a try. I’ve used osmand in the past but at least for me it didn’t work as smoothly, the interface seemed clunky compared to the simplicity of organic maps and idk it just didn’t feel straightforward for me.
Hope you like it!

@weltsnake Does it have a way to download maps? I'm interested in the offline maps functionality.

@exodus @weltsnake Its FOSS and you may contribute. By writing feature code, test reports and feature rewquests.

@weltsnake @exodus

currently, however, the changes from openstreetmap take 4 weeks until they are visible in organicmaps.

@weltsnake @exodus

your goal is to update every week, you told me yesterday.
but if I'm honest, that's still too long.
1 time a day would be practical...

@mondstern @exodus umm I didn’t tell you that, and i think that they will probably address this OSM update interval. For me it’s not a deal breaker

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