@weltsnake I love what they're doing, but all dating or public profile apps have the same problem. Even if the platform itself isn't collecting immense amounts of data on its users and selling it, three problems arise.
A: They have to hold this information to do these profiles.
B: Even if they don't use this data maliciously or sell it, its trivial for users themselves to scrape data off the service.
C: The more anonymity you allow the less safe it is for users themselves.

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat i agree those are problems, especially C! But I think it’s still a net positive to have this exist and be an option for people.
How everything is going to pan out remains to be seen as this is very new but I think it’s great for people to at least have a more privacy-friendly choice.
Also A & B could be problems for literally any platform (for some more than others) that has profiles where users post stuff

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