Has anyone become IRL friends with someone they met on ?

Please boost I'm curious

@weltsnake I would love to meet many of my internet friends (whether or not I met them on here) though I'm shy/socially anxious so it would probably be me cowering while they try to convince me they're not gonna attack me.

Some IRL people know I use masto, but I do not tell them my username or instance, because while I want to meet my internet friends physically, I do not want to meet my physical friends on the internet if that makes sense?

@lapis wait are you me? I would also love to befriend more people here that I could also see IRL but I'm very shy and socially anxious. Even though it's something easy it feels like a big undertaking for me, wtf lol

Oh and yeah it makes perfect sense, just 3 of my IRL friends know I'm on Mastodon but I never tell them my username

But seriously, are you me?😂

@weltsnake Shhhh, don't let anyone know about your sockpuppet elekk account :blobwink:



@lapis Hahah that account will be buried alongside me

And DAMN you actually made me blush :blobcat:

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