Has anyone become IRL friends with someone they met on ?

Please boost I'm curious

@weltsnake "friend" is one way to put it I guess 💕

@weltsnake difficult to answer for a radio amateur! I know many people who have friends who they speak to often on the air for many years, but never meet irl, but it still seems to be an irl friendship?

As long as the people are real, friendship is real. Medium doesn't matters :blobcat: @weltsnake


ahh i do want to meet mastodon people in IRL!

The reason I love this place is seems like the people who come here actually give a shit, are naturally curious, are very accepting and are willing to try things off the beaten path.

One day I hope this place becomes so popular that it doesn't select for these types of people, but there is a wonderful luxury to being part of the fediverse NOW before that happens since right now it does generally select for those types of people.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe I really agree wit this. I'm always happy to see Mastodon and the Fediverse in general grow but if I extrapolate it to what something like the birdsite is I get scared and therefore I try to enjoy this place as much as possible.
Also same, I too want to meet Fediverse people IRL

@weltsnake Someone I first found on another website but also has a Mastodon account.I guess this counts as Yes?

@weltsnake uh, mostly? I randomly saw someone that I didn't know post a picture of a road junction that I instantly recognised as being about 1 km away from my house, so I IM'd them and we arranged to meet up. we don't talk much but I think we can be called friends

@cadence Ooh that's really cool! I actually wished something like that would happen to me but living in a really small town reduces that chance significantly.
But I'm glad you have that cool story :)

@weltsnake I live in new zealand which is the smallest and least represented country, so yeah, I never thought it would happen to me either

@weltsnake na. This is mostly because 2020 simply didn't allow for meatspace meetings so far 😞

It happened elsewhere before tho 😀

@bekopharm ouch that 2020 reality check really hits but I'm glad it happened elsewhere for you!

@weltsnake You didn't allow for a "not yet" option. ;-) Email, livejournal/blogging, other social media, yes I have become friends IRL after electronically becoming friends. But it takes a while for me.

@chiasm true, should have thought of that. That's really cool too though

@Anarchist_Mallrat Aww that's really cute! I love this type of stories :blobcat: Congrats to you two!

@weltsnake if it counts i became irl datemates with someone i met on tumblr

@weltsnake Yes, but we were only able to meet up 2 or 3 times pre-pandemic.

@naga How dares this pandemic to stand in the way of friendship! I'll sue lol
But for real though I'm glad you still met, hopefully you're still in contact

@weltsnake Thank you! The commission (artist in profile) was a gift from my wife :)

@naga Oh that's really cute :) Thanks I'll check her profile out!

@weltsnake not yet, but I have stumbled upon someone I met IRL a couple years before #Mastodon existed

@weltsnake someone I met on Mastodon now lives in my boyfriend's house :)

@weltsnake I became IRL friends with someone I met on an anime forum, does that count?

@yuki Anime forum friends are something special, I'll allow it lol

@weltsnake note to self- don't vote without reading the last poll option

@BadAtNames Omg that happens to me too often and I get frustrated

@weltsnake like, meeting in real life or becoming net friends?

Because I got net friends.

@polychrome meeting in real life. Nothing against net-only-friends though, net friends are awesome

@weltsnake Sort of... I've met up with 2 people (technically 3, but one was a BOGOF). The two I've spoken to, but not seen physically since, and the second is a bit more complicated but hopefully the answer will be a definate yes in about 2 months I guess.

@weltsnake My wife and I met @vu3rdd and his family for a few days and we had a great time.

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