@weltsnake Self hosted nextcloud is honestly wayyy better than Google Drive in every way lol.

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat For the moment I use nextcloud with a provider but I really want to set up a NextcloudPi (ownyourbits.com/nextcloudpi/) once I feel comfortable doing this (I'm noob to self hosting and get easily intimidated by the idea of fucking something up and loosing my data). But yeah, Nextcloud is awesome, don't miss google drive at all

@weltsnake Yeah ATM I've just got an almost ancient laptop running it and I have it hooked up to my domain. My whole family and I use it and its had no problems so far. It's a pretty simple process if you're willing to take an hour or two, and I think even if you have zero self hosting experience you can do it. Just make sure you can port forward and use port 80 and 443(?), those are the ports that make your server available from anywhere that's not your own network.

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat Wow, props to you for having your whole family using Nextcloud and self hosted, that's awesome!

Do yo have any simple to follow tutorials/documentation that you think could help me do this? Like I understand most of the stuff theoretically but when it comes to putting it into practice I'm afraid of loosing my data for example. Also some tutorials I think start simple but then skip a lot of detail which leaves me confused and lost at end lol

@weltsnake Thanks lol - they've all been pretty good about using privacy respecting things instead of what they were used to (Signal, Linux, Nextcloud, etc.). I did a lot of research before actually setting it all up, so going in I had a basic idea of the steps and what I was doing, that said, Chris Titus Tech, The Linux Gamer, and Wolfgang's Channel all have tutorials on it that I referred to at various points in the process and I think they're all great. Good Luck!

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat Omg even using Linux! How on earth did you convince them to use Linux? I envy that lol.
Yes I follow all of them and they're great. I guess I should just sit and watch all of their content related to this and then decide how I'm gonna do it. Thanks for the advice btw!

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