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“Saying that you don't care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different from saying you don't care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.”

-Edward Snowden

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Hi everyone! Just migrated my old account here, to post more specifically about and issues around the world in general. I'm a student and love learning more about tech, and anything really, I have plenty more interests like and of course I enjoy any and all memes

As you can see I suck at introductions but I'm happy to be here :)

For more cozy content you can follow me on @spacelizard

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Just a reminder that sometimes the best security is to simply turn off internet connected devices when not in use—which also gives your mind and utilities bill a much needed break! ⚡

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✨ Did you know we have first class support for password managers like @bitwarden?

We added support for the `/.well-known/change-password` standard a few years ago!

This enables password managers to more easily update credentials!

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PeerTube question time! How does everyone handle naming their PeerTube account vs PeerTube channel for fine tuning Mastodon search results? They both show up as individual accounts to follow on Mastodon, but the channel doesn't seem to show the video feed.

For now, there is 'Bitwarden | PeerTube' and 'Bitwarden | PeerTube (Channel)'

But any advice appreciated! :blobcatsweat:

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Free Tools For Your Online Privacy.

Operating System
• Linux Based OS

Web Browser
• Firefox
• Tor browser

Search Engine
• DuckDuckGo
• SearX

• Tutanota

• Signal
• Briar

Password Manager
• Bitwarden
• Keepass

Enjoy the summer. 😎

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Mitten in der Klimakrise und es geht immer noch darum Gewinne von Konzernen zu steigern? Schluss damit!

Kommt zum #SystemChangeCamp und macht mit uns Action für #Degrowth

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People who are proudly using #TikTok and disregard all privacy issues as ‘that’s normal’ as really just people who don’t have the slightest clue about how software works.

Parents who give their child a phone or tablet with such apps are even worse.

It’s very sad to see how easily people give up all their data and privacy for some entertainment wow.

TikTok is toxic shit and I’m not talking about the community alone.

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We finally finished it and it’s beautiful :blobhaj_tiny_hearts:

It’s even longer than me!

It was so much fun to build this with my hoomans :blobhaj_heart:

#lego #blahaj #blåhaj

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Would you rather prefer an early app beta release at the expense of some missing features like DMs and Stories or would you rather wait for a feature complete release?

Feedback and shares are greatly appreciated! #pixelfedApp

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Mastodon gets a bad rep for how large some instances are.

Do you think the fediverse would exist without these large instances?

Unless you wrote your own server you'd have to join one or install one.

What do you think most people would do? Would you trust an instance operated by the project developer over one operated by some random person?

We can't expect #fediverse prosperity while perpetuating the notion that large instances are detrimental when they support migration and don't lock-in

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Building our own app has really opened up a lot of exciting ideas and opportunities!

✨ Username change support
✨ Post edits (media + caption)
✨ Community alt-text captions (crowdsource missing alt text)
✨ Community moderation
✨ Comment control
✨ Camera Roll
✨ Content API
✨ Global Discover API

We look forward to sharing more details soon 😎 #pixelfed #pixelfedApp

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Questions for the audience: What made you get into privacy in the first place? Was your adjustment easy or difficult?

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I’m building LEGO with my hoomans today :blobhaj_tiny_hearts: Were building the Saturn V and it’s just so exciting and also the perfect Sunday activity :Blobhaj:

Here’s me just reading the manual trying to build the second stage :blobhaj_md:

#blahaj #blåhaj #lego

It’s incredible to me how many people I see in public unlocking their phone with the passcode 0000

I just randomly glance and look around awkwardly and I notice people unlocking their phone with 0000

Like, they have all their private information, contacts, banking apps, personal pictures and important data protected by just 0000. Idk, that’s just nuts to me

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Singling out @tiktok_us just because it's linked to China is entirely the wrong move.

Don't ban a company.
Don't ban a country.
Ban the *practice.*

Make the systematic and exploitative collection of people's private details unlawful. Under *any* flag.

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Not sure if anyone here uses Reddit but let me know your thoughts.

Anyone interested in the Bitwarden AMA can now visit the countdown page and tap the ⏰ 'remind me' button to get notified when the team goes live, so save up your questions!

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