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“Saying that you don't care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different from saying you don't care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.”

-Edward Snowden

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Hi everyone! Just migrated my old account @sirduck here, to post more specifically about and issues around the world in general. I'm a student and love learning more about tech, and anything really, I have plenty more interests like and of course I enjoy any and all memes

As you can see I suck at introductions but I'm happy to be here :)

For more cozy content you can follow me on @spacelizard

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The little rotorcraft that could.🚁💨 Ingenuity documented its historic ascent today. Here's the #MarsHelicopter's POV during first flight. That's its shadow on the ground below.

How would the world be like today if Facebook never existed?

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#NoGAFAM #Novedades

¡Nuevo servicio, Lemmy! Un foro de ayuda y debate en general sobre GAFAM, Soberanía Digital, privacidaad...

¡Lo iremos llenando de posts y guías de ayuda!

Por otro lado, también he creado un nuevo prototipo de un logo cuadriculado que represente el movimiento NoGAFAM 😃. ¡Espero que guste!

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Seriously ' ' is an amazing app , I can't believe I haven't found it sooner it's a fork of conversations with a few changes that makes setting up easier amongst other things. Xmpp is an amazing protocol!!!! Thanks fosstodon community for advising me to you use it and thank you @blabber for providing this

If your looking for an alternative to WhatsApp and signal then this is it .

:xmpp: :opensource:

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The final straw? It's just the beginning...

Facebook deliberately made people sad. This ought to be the final straw | Facebook | The Guardian

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Algunas personas que nos movemos por canales de XMPP hemos creado un canal para ayuda informática de todo tipo:

Si no tenéis XMPP, podéis seguir este fantástico tutorial para ello

Podéis entrar igualmente personas que necesitan ayuda que personas que podrían llegar a brindar ayuda 😃
Estamos ya varías personas para ayudar, entre las que me incluyo, por supuesto


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If you have a favourite Fediverse account that you want to promote to others, you can feature it on your public Mastodon profile.

Go to the profile of the account you want to feature, click on "..." and then "Feature on profile". (To remove, go to the profile again and select "Don't feature on profile".)

You can add as many as you want, but only four random ones will be displayed at any one time. They are visible on your public profile page (you can see this by clicking on your avatar).

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Four hours to go and our charity auction to benefit @FreedomOfPress is nearing $500,000. Amir (@mondoir) reclaimed the top bid against a very generous offer by CEO/@Krakenfx, @Jespow. We're simply overwhelmed with gratitude -- the raised funds will do a lot of good.

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China genocide 

#China is building camps and locking up Uyghurs, sterilize and torture them :amaze:

Every country should put up sanctions against this nasty regime! I rather have no Chinese products anymore and maybe save some hoomans..

I'll trow my "made in China" iPhone against Mr. Xi Jinping Pooh's head :pooh:

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#NoGAFAM #Activismo #Pancartas #Papeles

Tarde de promover la Soberanía Digital en las calles, ya que en las redes nos silencian 🙃

Se pararon varias personas muy majas a preguntar lo que era 😊

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Ok, the sun was finally starting to show today and then the clouds turned dark.. it started raining + hailstorm (with the sun out still) and then.. a rainbow

What even is this crazy weather?

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Calling all translators!

Inkscape is now in string freeze for the upcoming version 1.1.

See which part needs your help the most at & find out how to get started at

#FLOSS #inkscape #helpwanted #translation

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Google testet gerade FLoC, ohne die Nutzer um Erlaubnis zu fragen. Ein experimentelles Tracking-Feature. Hier könnt ihr prüfen, ob ihr zu den 0,5% Betroffenen zählt.

Am I FLoCed?

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Nachhaltigkeit und Sparsamkeit (thread) 

Ich würde hiermit gerne einen thread zu #Nachhaltigkeit und #Sparsamkeit starten.
Ihr dürft gerne mitmachen! :boost_ok:

Beachtet aber bitte:
Es sollen motivierende #Tipps / #lifeHacks sein, #nachhaltig zu leben und #Geld zu sparen.
Bitte keine Wertungen über die #finanziell -en Entscheidungen von Anderen. Einfach nur #guteIdee -n teilen! 💓

Wer teilen möchte, warum es persönlich nötig (geworden) ist zu #sparen, möge bitte CWs entsprechend anpassen! 💙

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