@matrix took me a while to realize “blacks at XBox” belonged in quotes or something.

@ashfurrow I don’t suppose you’ve had any luck root causing? I’d be happy to dig through server logs to help sort this out.

@DavidNielsen How much was the sensor? I have a hard time believing they would tradeoff on safety for a cheap component precisely *because* they are capitalist cheapskates.

@pedrosaclout Twitter’s creepy and opaque policing of political speech and its adverts. Mastodon seemed like an alternative with inherently stronger speech protections.

@ashfurrow Sorry if that was confusing; the screenshot is the error message from the app, uploaded from the mobile browser. Hopefully that's clearer.

Man, 's search results are getting worse and worse for me. Salient search terms are ignored altogether, and quoted terms are often ignored...

@ashfurrow I think I have 3.4.1 on iOS? That’s the latest and I think I’m up to date.

@ashfurrow I would but apparently image uploads also 500. It’s just a red bar that says “HTTP 500”. The salient details are probably in the server logs.

@ashfurrow Sorry if this isn’t the place for it, but all searches from the Tootdon app are returning with HTTP 500. Im happy to help investigate if it would be useful.

*But like, the gameboy version; not the Pokemon Go version.

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My whole life I've wanted an online multiplayer game, but without all of the nonsense pokemon after the original 150 or maybe 250. pleeeaaase!

@mathew The real value in my mind is the ops side. The build tooling is simple, deployment is just a single binary, testing is simple and built in, profiling is built in, code coverage is built in, documentation is simple and built in, things are generally very performant out of the box, etc etc. Almost everything Just Works compared with other languages that tend to optimize for language features or performance or development velocity at the expense of all ther concerns. Go is a very balanced language.

@jaywink I'm happy to help, if you ever have any Go-related questions.

@jaywink The good news is it only takes a little while before you understand things very well, you feel very productive (I'm more productive in Go than Python or JS), and you realize that those things that annoyed you are actually really helpful (most of the time, anyway--there are still warts here and there).

@jaywink I understand this perspective, but the compiler is urging you to write code that is correct, readable (more or less), and efficient. If you're coming from a dynamic language, you have to provide these properties yourself and generally you just have to give up on 'efficient' altogether.

@squirrel @jaywink If the grievance is "too hard to pacify the compiler" I'm not sure how a "modern language without a garbage collector" is going to help.

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