@ashfurrow Sorry if this isn’t the place for it, but all searches from the Tootdon app are returning with HTTP 500. Im happy to help investigate if it would be useful.

@weberc2 hi! Hmm, Tootdon search is working for me, can you send a screenshot?

@ashfurrow I would but apparently image uploads also 500. It’s just a red bar that says “HTTP 500”. The salient details are probably in the server logs.

@ashfurrow I think I have 3.4.1 on iOS? That’s the latest and I think I’m up to date.

@weberc2 I’ve heard of others getting 500 errors on image uploads, hmm. Probably related. Is it all images? Can you upload images on the device’s browser?

@ashfurrow Sorry if that was confusing; the screenshot is the error message from the app, uploaded from the mobile browser. Hopefully that's clearer.

@ashfurrow I don’t suppose you’ve had any luck root causing? I’d be happy to dig through server logs to help sort this out.

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