Man, 's search results are getting worse and worse for me. Salient search terms are ignored altogether, and quoted terms are often ignored...

@ashfurrow Sorry if this isn’t the place for it, but all searches from the Tootdon app are returning with HTTP 500. Im happy to help investigate if it would be useful.

*But like, the gameboy version; not the Pokemon Go version.

My whole life I've wanted an online multiplayer game, but without all of the nonsense pokemon after the original 150 or maybe 250. pleeeaaase!

I’m using , but I’m getting HTTP 500s back when I search anything. What’s the deal?

After spending my day debugging obscure issues and realizing how poorly written the Node web ecosystem is, I realized that we need a . Seriously, it's like the Passport folks ran an uglifier in a precommit hook.

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All those "evil people" aren't the biggest threat to global stability. Outrage and hostile disagreement are.

{{ say polite things to people you dont like }}
{{ find out how those idiots are interesting }}

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I plugged this in and am very upset it does not work like the disaster buttons do in sim city.

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WRT the above, I block people who have avatars or whose media posts are mostly NSFW. I apologize to those whomst i've blocked for this but ... at work I sit between two of the comapny founders and at home I am someone's dad. That stuff is not adding value to my experience here.

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Meanwhile on birdsite:

> A major international bank accidentally published a private package of their own to the public npm Registry, took *3 years* to notice, and then sent DMCA takedown notices to Amazon and Cloudflare for hosting "stolen code". Now I have to pay a lawyer to explain this to them.

( comments:

Doh. Just reread this. "Having a lot of fun extending", not "Having a lot of extending"...

What dirtbag decided that the "quit" keyboard shortcut should live right next to the "select all", "close tab", and "save" shortcuts?

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Looking for guidance on how to run some services on on a . Does anyone have any experience? Did you use or ? Or something else? What works well and what should I steer clear of?

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