I wrote a little microblog about just how easy Social Media could be on IPFS PubSub.

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@wclayf @adam what would be the cost of this approach as a user? How would this be maintainable? Like in the case of mastodon it has been hard to deploy because of the hosting costs of an instance. Cheap for developed, a month's worth of food for a developing country. It does seem nicer than the current fediverse approach.

@spicy @adam Basically it's free. I started a Quanta Q&A node for these kinds of questions:

@wclayf @adam another question for the faq. How will the topic's "channel" be created? I really like what you started here, keep it going.

@spicy @adam Centralized services will always exist so there will be plenty of channel indexes and search services.

Also we can just start using existing Reddit paths, 4chan paths, popular hashtags right off Twitter, or even Youtube video IDs, as channel names!

No more "Comments Disabled" capability for YouTube videos, in the world! Youtube just lost their power to censor the converstions!!!! Think that over. That's HUGE.

@wclayf @adam is there a way that you could manage or filter content in channels by language or location?

@spicy @adam The interesting thing is that making the whole system "work" is all about the "Filters". Without the filters, it's just a big unmaneagable 'firehose' of info (including spam) coming across any channel. But I would say lots of people will be posting ActivityStreams objects, and those have a language designation, sensitive flag, etc (Mastodon is using it, of course)

@wclayf @adam what if I already have a static micro blog that I use as twitter, could I link or transfer my posts easily?


The full ActivityStreams objects should be easy for advanced GUIs to support, but simple JSON just containing a single "url" property will be able to work too, from day one.

@wclayf what is the optimal expectation for linking your Twitter account to your fediverse identity?

@wclayf I almost completely new to this concept. I've had a brush with IPFS a la the Brave browser, without really understanding its use.

It looks to me like this is ready to go. So is adoption the only thing missing?

@AMSmith1972 I'm trying to get something running right now, as a demo of this, and also to test scalability, but yes I think we just need to get a Network Effect going...which WILL happen because the code required to make this work is basically trivial.

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