This sounds like the beginning of a post-apocalyptic dystopian film about how humanity ends...

Boston Dynamics engineers show up one day to find that the existing robots had achieved "self awareness" and spent the entire night assembling a prototype soldier robot, to demo to the humans, along with an impeccable business model for why more must immediately be constructed...for greater profits.

The newest skyscraper in Dubai is just way over the top outrageous...

Got these today and I don't even Ski...I live in TEXAS. The pants are for indoor use.

I'm ready for another solid week of subzero apocalyptic weather with the power off.

When all tech workers are 100% remote now, I guess they'll have to pay a developer $500K salary to get someone to go down to the actual building and check to see if the janitor accidentally unplugged a server.

Boston Dynamics needs a simple "Office Worker Robot" that can at least turn stuff off and then back on again. lolz

The New York City Flatiron building has really degraded a lot since COVID hit. All those peaceful protests have taken quite a toll...

First they Came ...for the maskless.

"Bow down!" they said.

"It's just a mask!" they said.

Fast Forward this timeline:

Dance or be fired.

I didn't mind the Ruskeys putting in an Olympic sized swimming pool in this device, but the Officer's tennis courts in the lower level seems a bit extravagant.

I bet you could just inspect the DOM tree in the browser tools and see that the "Do not Track" button on Apple GUIs don't even have an "onClick" event listener attached. hahahah.

That's good stuff. How do I do it.

If we don't successfully make obsolete (by decentralizing social media) this kind of news blackout will eventually cause the destruction of our country.

We cannot afford to let our Gov't, MSM, and continue to conspire to manipulate us and lie to us...and if we DO then we DESERVE the consequences.

When MAMs (Military Aged Males) are more into cosplay than guns-n-girls,

...they've gotta factor that into the military recruitment strategies:

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@agates And a personal mea culpa: Remember how I was urging to use Fediverse for the "realtime chat" capability because it already is "where everyone's at" and because implementing it yourself would be difficult?

Well that guy (link in parent) just proved me wrong by implementing the IPSM spec I had written last week....and he did it literally "over the weekend".

I was blown away, because it just works, the dude is top level genius developer. We have a winner here!

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FYI: This guy just built social media purely on top of IPFS.

It has 'rooms' people can join, PublicKeys for 'identities', can "sync" across boards, and using IPFS PubSub for realtime chat. Even has some RSS integration.

I've been an ActivityPub advocate (and still am), because ultimately ActivityStreams will live on past the death of WebFinger names, but the future can not be Federated bc in Federated systems everyone has an Instance Overlord able to cancel them.

Hey Fediverse,

If I know someone's Bitcoin Public Key can I use that to check their balance?


Welp, the entire "spec" fit into the space of a single...."tweet".

Somebody tell Jack Dorsey we won't be needing Blue Sky any more. Us think bigger than that...


Since we're basically in an information war, we need some derogatory name for all social media platforms where your User Name is inextricably attached to some central server! (as all Fediverse usernames are)

How about ?

Down with the !

Let Freedom Ring.

All identities shall be PublicKeys.

IPFS PubSub:

Getting Started guide...

PubSub will be the "final" backbone of the Social Web, replacing ActivityPub and the Fediverse in our uncensorable future, where your identity is your PublicKey (a Crypto Key) and no "Instance Overlord" (sorry @Gargron)
can ever force you to "Change Names" by kicking you out of their Fiefdom.

Freedom at last. Thank Gawd Almighty. Freedom at last.

@dave You're the best crypto expert I know.

Question: For the purpose of blocking spam (in Social Media app), we're considering requiring users to have a Bitcoin wallet and it's associate Public Key will be used also as a sort of "proof of human" via signing with it.

Any thoughts on this concept? You know of any better way to prove human?

This will be an optional filtering option in the app, kind of like an automated "blue check mark" that just means "probably not a bot/spammer".

cc: @Gargron

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