I wish I could mute the entire botsin.space instance as a user on a Mastodon instance.

What if we put A dwarf's head on top of Duke Nukem's body! 

how do people organize their cables? I'm thinking a set of these but maybe people have better ideas

What if we put Commander Keen's head on top of Fred Flintstone's body! 

I like rap where it's like "if you even ring my doorbell accidentally i'm going to shoot you directly in the head, and then shoot all the cops that arrive at the scene, and get away, and i'm fully prepared to do all of that again the very next day"

I've mentioned this a few times but never publicly announced it, so consider this the announcement.

Yes, I have ported (along with a few Weston clients and wl-clipboard) to the (that's what I wrote the epoll server for!)

I've also ported Owl, my Cocoa Wayland compositor, from OS X to the Hurd using GNUstep.

Here's a screenshot of weston-terminal and weston-flower, running on Owl on GNUstep on Hurd, with X forwarded from a QEMU VM via SSH.

It never ceases to infuriate me when someone posts a fucking Wikipedia link to Hacker News and it shoots straight to the top of the front page.

Congrats, you discovered there's information on the internet.

have been getting a lot of weird follows from accounts that end up deleted. Looks like users, one was named "gabdotcom", are other folks seeing this or did I make it onto one of those "interesting users" lists?

Nearly SASOed everything in Hitman 2 + Legacy on Master. Need to start thinking about SASOFW with no HUD.

The service manuals of old professional equipment are truly amazing, the schematics are shown in three different abstraction levels, every single connection is shown, waveforms at 100 different test points are drawn, every single component is listed, with step-by-step test and calibration guidelines. You can almost remove everything from the board and put it back together with a service manual.

Something that today's consumers can only dream of...

#retrocomputing #crt

It’s so rewarding to spend just fifteen minutes cleaning up the apartment.

Why is it that when I floss my mouth smells like a flower store with a ton of fertilizer?

Got my new iMac Pro. It’s beautiful. I always take the time, when I get a new machine, to see what crap I don’t need anymore.

And Airmail is going away because they switched to a subscription model and put features they already released behind a subscription. And I refuse to implicitly condone that kind of behavior.

Next, I think OmniFocus might go. I love it but I think it’s time I look at simpler tools.

I should write a bot that just favs my posts and occasionally tells me it likes me.

Okay. Time to spend more time on here. Find people that are cool.

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