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"Son, say what you mean, don't be afraid
Tell them how you feel, hear what I say
Be true to yourself and true to your own
Your spirit will crush the hearts of stone"

gets me through bad days and has so for 20 years

So i stumbled upon Battle Brothers. Was mentioned in /r/strategyrpg. Glad i did, great game

finally got my yubikey working on . who knew that you had to install the config gui for the oath gui to work. seems there are some dependencies that only the config tool installs.

now my qubes install is fully functional \o/

old password has special characters in it. new version of software doesn't allow special characters in password. now what?

why do people do that :(

i get their concerns, i can understand where they are coming from. but i makes work difficult, and at least they could stop complaining and just accept that it takes longer this way

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we have root access to a very paranoid's client server where our stuff runs. but they disable all forms of data transfer, so we have to tell them to send us specific logs for detailed analysis (no tools on the servers).
of course they send the wrong ones, and then they wonder why it takes so long to analyse problems

A friend of mine is in serious danger of sliding off into depression again. This despite him having no major life problems at the moment. I often have a hard time of keeping away from the first stages of depression too. Makes me wonder, what is it that makes some people more susceptible than others?

Again i am hacking a binary because there's some very old legacy shit used in this old application. Sometimes my job is just crazy of stupid. Not sure which it is this time.

Kataklysm - Meditations 🤘
makes the day better

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no idea why i thought of ashes of ares all of a sudden. juts popped into my head

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metal album, swearwords 

hm i completely missed the new Ashes Of Ares album.
Matt fucking Barlow!! :D

Great way to start the year. First day working and the power steering broke.
At least it happened on the highway and we didn't die in a fiery crash, so there's that.

Traditionelles silvesterfeiern: ccc vods binge watchen

wife got me incredibly good gin for christmas. tastes like a field of flowers, and i love it

thinking about getting a new graphics card for christmas. current one is now pretty outdated an in vr it shows.
but holy hell the prices

i wake up
train is late
look out the window
of course train is late
basic logic

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